Culina Group partners with Daisy to deliver their next-generation cloud first network


Daisy Corporate Services, the UK’s leading independent provider of secure IT, communications, and cloud services, has entered into a new five year partnership with Culina Group Limited.

As one of the UK’s largest food and drink logistics companies, Culina Group has contracted Daisy to deliver a future-proof, security-focused SD-WAN solution powered by Meraki.

By introducing the Meraki SD-WAN solution, Daisy will empower Culina Group with improved agility through a network that adapts to their current and future needs. The whole network can flex to their requirements without ever compromising security. This will in turn allow Culina Group to concentrate on innovation and customer experience.

Having already rolled out the same solution to Stobart and iForce prior to their acquisition by Culina Group last year, they have seen first-hand the benefits they can achieve in terms of efficiency, resilience and increased visibility of their wider networks.

As an acquisitive business, Culina Group also gains a strong foundation to easily integrate future acquisitions from a networking perspective.

Chris London, Head of Sales Specialists at Daisy Corporate Services said “This new project will see us roll out SD-WAN across the Culina Group that focuses on security, with enhanced application control and performance. A flexible Enterprise Agreement will allow Culina Group to remain agile and expand critical infrastructure at pace. The new network supports the cloud first strategy, consolidates suppliers, and provides them with a strong foundation for future growth.”

“Our status as one of only a small number of accredited Meraki Managed Server Providers in the UK meant that we were perfectly positioned as the ideal technology partner for this project. Beyond that, we have also delivered flexible commercial terms, delivering in-year savings to meet Culina Group’s IT cost-saving targets.”

Gary Donnelly, Group CIO at Culina Group said: “We’ve initiated this project in order to build upon our larger cloud first strategy. My goal is to build a robust, simplified and standard IT landscape for Culina Group.  Using SD-WAN we can provide the flexibility, security and speed of deployment Culina Group needs. This is a significant step towards that goal and I look forward to Daisy’s support in this over the next five years.”