Announces New Capabilities That Helps Forwarders Operationalize Real-Time Visibility Data

456 Views, a cloud-based integration platform that connects partners across the global supply chain, today announced a new product release that makes supply chain visibility data more available and actionable for the freight forwarding community.

Inclement weather, port delays, and shipping disasters, like the APL Vanda or the 2021 Zim Kingston Fire, haven’t stopped, increasing the demand for better visibility data than carriers and terminals can provide. Freight forwarders are increasingly adopting cutting-edge visibility data feeds from Real Time Transportation Visibility Platforms (RTTVP) a term coined by Gartner that refers to companies that give shippers  real-time insights into their orders and shipments once they have left the warehouse.

Yet forwarders must still enter visibility data manually across their systems, slowing real-time updates on the location of cargo and frustrating customers. With’s pre-built adaptors and RTTVP network, forwarders can access accurate visibility data from the provider of their choice, resulting in real-time operational efficiencies and better customer service.

“There has been tremendous innovation in visibility data in recent years, and it’s revolutionized the logistics industry,” said Brian Glick, Founder and CEO of “The challenge is that those innovations have been focused on shippers. Forwarders have had a tough time making that data valuable at an operational level. At, we are automating best practices and changing the way forwarders leverage visibility data with customers and bake it into their own workflows.” has pre-built connections to the leading RTTVPs, including Marine Traffic, project44, Terminal49, Vizion, and more coming soon. Existing connections means can get visibility data from a RTTVP into a forwarder’s Transportation Management System (TMS) or native platform in as little as 2-3 weeks.

“The best practices around visibility are changing. Forwarders used to get all their data from carriers and terminals, but now the best, highest-quality data is coming from third parties. That means all the orchestration and processes need to change,” added Glick. “By operationalizing best practices specifically for forwarders, we’re able to make the data valuable to forwarders in a new way.”

“In order for freight forwarders to take the next step toward digital transformation, we must match the modern day problems our global supply chains face with 21st century solutions,” said Chad Goodwin, Chief Information Officer at OIA Global. ”We’re excited to integrate the visibility data we get from project44 directly into our TMS to improve operational efficiency and free up time to provide even better customer service.”

“When tech lives in silos, we get a fraction of the value, no matter how advanced that tech is,” said Simon Kaye, CEO, Jaguar Freight Services. “We believe the best tech enables and improves customer service. Integrating our visibility data feeds from Terminal49 into our Cybertrax TMS helps us serve our customers faster and with more accurate data, eliminating the need for them to reach out to us.”