Complaints at all time HIGH, emotion will drive brands to success


It’s been reported that UK customer service complaints have hit their highest levels on record, according to the UK Customer Satisfaction Index. This comes as firms struggle to cope with supply issues and staffing crisis.

Benoit Soucaret, Chief Experience Officer at Merkle Experience & Commerce, UK made the following comment:

“We can’t say it’s surprising to see results like these in today’s uncertain circumstances, but retailers need to do more than offer transactional experiences. Customer service shouldn’t be a headache for businesses, it’s a chance to connect with customers on a deeper level – many forget just how important this is.

Amid rising economic pressure, the ones that will succeed when things simmer down will be the retailers that approach customers with understanding, openness, and transparency. Emotion drives both memory and motivation. Features are commodities, and how we are made to feel about a brand are the true differentiators.”