Fagan & Whalley Ltd, the Lancashire-based haulier that offers a complete road haulage service, is moving forward with a new Microlise telematics and fleet camera solution across its 170 heavy goods vehicles.                       
A mature telematics user, Fagan & Whalley has pioneered the use of technology in road transport and has already benefitted from having telematics deeply entrenched in its processes. Now the company is looking to further improve with the implementation of a more advanced solution.

The company, which has a rich history dating back over 90 years, has selected Microlise following an in-depth review of the market and extensive trials of a number of competitive products.

The new solution will help Fagan & Whalley to improve driving style, health and safety for drivers; and increase data immediacy and accuracy to boost its analytical capabilities.

As well as vehicle tracking and driver performance management, Fagan & Whalley is also deploying the Microlise multi-camera solution, which will allow footage to be downloaded online and viewed alongside vehicle telemetry and safety information. The Microlise Incident Data Recorder will display exactly what was going on in the vehicle immediately before and after any incident including throttle engagement, cornering and acceleration metrics, as well as braking and cruise control.

In addition, the Remote Digital Tachograph Download will help Fagan & Whalley to improve the ease of collecting tachograph data, removing the need to manually collect drivers’ hours information from each truck.

Access to the powerful Microlise e-learning platform, the Knowledge Portal, was also instrumental in the company’s decision to adopt Microlise technology. The platform makes it possible to build specific courses for staff and monitor how drivers and fleet managers are engaging with the course content online.

Martyn Richardson, Compliance Manager at the company said the time was right to switch supplier to take advantage of the latest tools on the market. “We have very high standards for our drivers and believe that the implementation of Microlise will help us to take our use of technology to the next level. We wanted a market leader which would be able to deliver even greater accuracy and enable us to provide even better driver support through training.”

Microlise, which is one of Europe’s largest telematics companies, has more than 450,000 active connections worldwide and works with 13 of the UK’s 15 largest retailers delivering telematics, technology and transport management solutions.

“We’ve seen the great work Fagan & Whalley is already doing, using the telematics data to support a strong ethos of training and support. We know our solution will deliver even more capability to understand how and where improvements can be made which will make a real difference to the operation. It’s great to be working with them,” said Microlise Chief Executive Officer, Nadeem Raza.

For further information about Microlise products, visit www.microlise.com/products.