Crestron Electronics Selects Kinaxis To Enhance Supply Chain Planning


Kinaxis® Inc. (TSX:KXS), a leader in supply chain management software has been selected by Crestron Electronics to help transform its global supply chain to improve planning capabilities, improve customer satisfaction and reduce inventory costs.

Global automation technology solutions specialist Creston Electronics creates automation technology solutions that are designed to help improve communication and collaboration from the desktop to the boardroom. Crestron solutions are managed by a cloud-based system for easy deployment, monitoring and upgrading.

Crestron selected Kinaxis RapidResponse® and concurrent planning to instantly and continuously balance its supply and demand planning and effectively manage inventory. To start realising benefits in as little as 16 weeks, Crestron will deploy Kinaxis’ rapid deployment process, RapidStart. This process ensures data gets into RapidResponse sooner to accelerate user adoption and learning and allow the company to start benefiting from the power of concurrent planning quickly. The result will be improved delivery, enhanced customer satisfaction and increased inventory savings.

“Our purpose is to transform the way people live their lives. To support this, we knew we needed to invest in a solid supply chain foundation, one that will enable us to easily expand as our business evolves and one that could be implemented quickly,” said James Bell, Sr. Director, Materials Management, Crestron. “Kinaxis is the right choice for Crestron as they provide the breadth of capabilities we need to continue to build our supply chain, coupled with a proven track record in supply chain planning.”

“In today’s world, staying ahead of shifting realities is top priority for all businesses, especially in the rapidly growing consumer electronics industry,” said John Sicard, CEO of Kinaxis. “Using the power of Kinaxis, concurrent planning and RapidStart, Crestron will realize the benefits of end-to-end supply chain agility and transparency, and scenario planning sooner so they can make critical decisions faster and more confidently. We are happy to have earned their trust and look forward to helping them grow its supply chain maturity.”