Delta Galil Strengthens Supply Chain with Infor


Infor, the industry cloud company, today announced that Delta Galil Industries Ltd, a global leader in the design, manufacture, distribution and sale of intimates and activewear, has adopted the Infor Nexus supply chain platform. The technology will help Delta Galil improve visibility of inventory, enhancing collaboration with suppliers and customers, automating the vital plan-to-ship process, and accelerating the onboarding of new suppliers and partners.

The project covers the entire supplier network across the US, China, East Asia, Israel and Europe, with Infor Nexus underpinning standardized best-practice processes for all interactions.

Following a thorough review of the market, Infor Nexus was chosen based on its capability to combine physical and financial supply chain processes. This will help to provide:

  • Real-time supply forecast and order collaboration
  • Digital shipping processes to help streamline carton scanning and transport booking
  • Enhanced item level and real-time visibility, enabling Delta Galil to respond quickly to production issues and changes in available quantities, as well as tracking the process of all goods in transit
  • Control center with predictive estimated times of arrival (PETA), which will enable Delta Galil to accurately project the arrival of inventory, optimizing the receiving process and utilizing the in-context information to overcome disruptions before they have an impact downstream
  • A robust financial supply chain with Infor Nexus facilitating more efficient payment processing

Delta Galil had previous experience with the platform, having used Infor Nexus for several years in its capacity as contract manufacturer for a global active brand.

The implementation will enable the synchronization of orders generated in the ERP, order change requests, supplier pack lists, invoice/payment flow, advance shipping notices (ASNs), and estimated times of arrival (ETA) back to the ERP. This seamless integration will increase visibility across the Delta Galil supply chain and reduce supply and capital costs. Looking to the future, Delta Galil has also decided to utilize the PETA capabilities of Infor Nexus.

“For a company like Delta Galil with many brands, retail stores, manufacturing sites and eCom websites, efficient operations and speed to market are critical,” said Adi Nov, Delta Galil global CIO. “The enhanced collaboration, connection and visibility provided by Infor Nexus gives us a competitive advantage with our suppliers and also allow us to onboard new partners faster. Modern brand management is just as much about ensuring a world-class supply chain as it is ensuring you have the best creative talent. We have hundreds of suppliers across the globe, and we’re transforming our business model to deliver a standardized set of best practices that will mean we’re more agile across all of our markets.”

“Combining supply chain, operational and financial aspects into cohesive processes enables faster, more controlled growth,” said Mark Illidge, Infor vice president and general manager for supply chain in EMEA. “As brands look to re-engage with a drastically changed fashion market, the ability to be agile, fast and responsive throughout the supply chain will be key to success. Technology such as the Infor Nexus platform will be a vital part of that.”

“Delta Galil has utilized the Infor ERP solution for more than 25 years, and it has played an important role in the growth of the business,” said Meni Davidov, Infor Israel country leader. “Infor continues to develop leading fashion supply chain solutions in the cloud to support business transformation and allow business to truly flourish. We are committed to supporting Delta Galil’s continued growth by working together to remain at the leading edge of fashion innovation.”

“Delta Galil is perfectly placed to continue to build a global fashion business fitting for the next 50 years. As the fashion industry becomes even more competitive, dynamic and global, and with much focus on sustainable production, there is huge opportunity to identify key regional best practices and synergies and introduce harmonised processes across the group. This would enable the possibility of leveraging global demand and economies of scale through new centralised functions to further drive growth and efficiency,” Davidov concludes.

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