Doosan launches B60NX/B80NS heavy-lifting electric trucks


Doosan, the leading manufacturer of robust high-performance forklift trucks, has launched two new ranges of high capacity electric counterbalance forklift trucks within the NXE Series, providing industrial users with a wide choice of zero-emission, low-noise level, environmentally friendly trucks capable of tackling heavy duty tasks.

Both ranges have a compact new design for greater manoeuvrability in tight spaces and are built to Doosan’s exacting standards on durability and robust, reliable performance.

The powerful B80NS

Available in capacities from 8.0 to 10.0 tons, businesses across a broad spectrum of industry – from manufacturing, engineering, and foundries, to building supplies, transport and warehousing – will benefit from the improved capability, power and performance of Doosan’s latest heavy-lifting B80NS electric trucks.

The versatility of electric power is now available in a durable and reliable heavy-lifting vehicle, built for working long-shifts in arduous conditions, making it a viable alternative to increasingly regulated IC Engine equivalents – all of which helps to save time and costs.

For those businesses requiring a truck for light to medium duties, Doosan has introduced a low-cost electric truck specified for the task.

The cost-efficient B60NX

The B60NX ‘value’ range, with three models covering a capacity range from 6.0 – 8.0 ton, offers the simple clean performance of electric power in a series of competitively priced high-capacity models – giving occasional users a reliable ‘buy new’ alternative to purchasing a second-hand or reconditioned forklift truck.

Designed for light to medium duties, the B60NX range offers all that’s needed to get the job done – without needing to spend large. These compact zero-emission trucks are clean and quiet in operation, delivering safe, reliable performance exactly when it’s needed.

Extra Durable

Durability for outside duty is catered for in both ranges with IP65 rated controllers and motors, offering maximum resilience to water and dust. Also included as standard is an industry leading sealed, oil-cooled disc brake system, which is virtually maintenance free and lasts up to five times longer when compared to conventional shoe brakes. The sealed units protect against outside elements such as dirt, water and grit, ensuring top-rate braking performance for enhanced safety and increased productivity.

With zero emissions, low noise levels and a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), the new models across both ranges will appeal to businesses looking to boost environmental performance, while reducing costs.

Enhanced Productivity

A major productivity-boosting feature across the range is a compact design and tighter turning radius, giving a strong competitive edge over the average diesel truck of the same capacity. Smooth and responsive acceleration are assured with the 96V or 80V AC drive system, where a single or dual, powerful motor gives the unbeatable combination of power, performance and functionality. The all-round efficiency provided promises to boost productivity inside and outside the factory or warehouse.

Safety first

Doosan places a strong emphasis on safety in the design of their trucks, prioritising all-around visibility. The clear-view overhead guard and lower seat position provides 360 degrees of visibility. A prominent safety feature included as standard is the Automatic Speed Control function which adjusts the travel speed for safer cornering.

Stronger Ergonomics

The compact new design is combined with good ergonomics – taking safety, driver comfort, ease of maintenance and productivity fully into account.

The spacious cab is designed for operator comfort and to reduce fatigue, with a fully adjustable premium Grammer seat as standard and excellent all-round visibility for safer manoeuvring with greater awareness. Other features included are an adjustable steering column, a low seat position for easy access and plenty of legroom. Everything a driver needs for maximum comfort during long shifts.

Further, optional features within the cab include: MP3 radio player, HVAC integrated heating/cooling/ventilation system and a fingertip console with two-axis cross levers or ergonomic fingertip control.

Easy Maintenance

The new design takes ease of maintenance into account too. A tiltable cab (optional) on the B80NS provides simple, clear access to core components, along with improved accessibility to the controller and electric components, and a fast detachable backplate facilitates a swift battery change for multi-shift operations. The B60NX series comes with a full-opening side door, which makes battery replacement simple and straightforward using a pallet truck.

The new Doosan B60NX and B80NS ranges offer everything a business needs to feel confident in making the transition to using electric powered trucks for the heaviest of lifting duties.

Jan Droogendijk, Marketing Supervisor, Doosan Industrial Vehicles, says: “Companies that are currently considering contracts on high capacity IC Engine trucks should at least be looking at the possibility of switching to electric powered forklifts as a way of reducing their long term costs, improving safety and cutting their carbon footprint.”

He adds: “Electric trucks have come a really long way in the past few years and are now, with these new additions, a highly viable alternative to IC Engine trucks for most applications.”