Eagle Overseas realises the benefits of a smooth Brexit transition with Descartes’ e-Customs


Descartes Systems Group, the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, has played a vital role in the smooth running of EOS’s business operations. The EOS Group, who are a Customs Intermediary and who also provide an inclusive delivery and warehousing logistics service spanning across the UK, and Europe have gone without interruption post-Brexit following the deployment of its e-Customs solution.

The EOS Group who are headquartered in Northern Ireland and are a family-owned business have over 37 years’ experience in the logistics and warehousing industry. With a focus on customer service, attention to detail and advanced proficiency, EOS are now recognised as one of the leading logistics organisations across Europe. Last year, it announced the launch of its customs clearance service, an initiative that provides a seamless import and export experience for new and existing customers. As a key part of this service, Descartes’ e-Customs solution has helped them cope with a vast increase in customs entries and customs warehousing.

Carol Norval, Director, EOS Customs, comments: “Brexit has presented so much uncertainty across the supply chain and logistics industry, but we were able to prepare ahead of time having implemented Descartes’ e-Customs two years ago. The ability to add modules to the system has undoubtedly given us a competitive advantage specifically around preparing for Brexit. The Northern Ireland (NI) Protocol from the UK government requires GB-NI imports to use HMRC’s new Customs Declaration Service (CDS). Descartes’ e-custom solution is able to work with CDS, and the long-standing relationship made for an easy and seamless implementation and transition post-Brexit. Many of our SME and larger clients were not prepared for the customs procedures and were struggling with the change in required customs, additional paperwork and associated certificates that may or may not be required, but we’re in a position to help them navigate through the complex procedures in order to continue business efficiently.”

Pol Sweeney, VP Sales and Business Manager UK for Descartes adds: “We’re delighted to be working with Eagle Overseas. Many of its customers now require new customs processes as a result of Brexit, and EOS is well prepared to complete the required declarations to allow traders to move goods into NI and ROI from GB as well as continue with international movements. EOS is likely to continue to see an increased customer need for local bonded storage, customs guidance and associated declarations throughout 2021, all of which with the support of our systems can be confidently achieved.