Scandinavian Airlines Systems’ sourcing process set to take off with Medius


Scandinavian Airlines System, SAS, Scandinavia’s leading airline, has selected Medius Sourcing and Contract Management solutions to drive efficiency and cost savings in key business processes.

Sourcing activities, such as RFP processes and evaluation of new suppliers, have been managed semi-manually within SAS with different solutions supporting parts of the process including a contract management repository. The challenges related to Covid urged SAS to find a solution that could streamline and automate processes to improve efficiency of their business operations.

With the Medius solutions in place SAS will be able to digitize all sourcing activities and centralize contract management. Medius Sourcing allows SAS to reach more suppliers in RFP processes and easily find the most suitable offering to secure goods and services at the right price​. Similarly, Medius Contract Management helps SAS stay on top of contract terms and renewals with a secure central repository for all contracts​.

“We’re delighted to support SAS in their efforts to drive efficiency and cost savings in their business operations”, says Per Åkerberg, CEO at Medius. “Our cloud-based tools are designed to be quickly implemented and easy-to-use so SAS will start seeing benefits and savings rapidly”, Åkerberg adds.