Endava Receives Multiple Designations under Microsoft Cloud Partner Program


Endava, a global provider of digital transformation, agile development and intelligent automation services, today announces that it has received a number of Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCP) designations. The MCP has been newly launched by Microsoft as the company changes the way it works with partners across the world and has revamped its previous Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).

As part of the new program, Endava has received the below designations:

  • Solutions Partner for Data & AI - As a Solutions Partner for Data & AI, we demonstrated our broad capability to help customers manage and govern their data across multiple systems to build analytics and AI solutions
  • Solutions Partner for Digital & App Innovation - As a Solutions Partner for Digital & App Innovation, we demonstrated our broad capability to help customers modernize existing applications and build cloud-native apps
  • Solutions Partner for Infrastructure - As a Solutions Partner for Infrastructure, we demonstrated our broad capability to help customers accelerate the migration of crucial infrastructure workloads to Azure
  • Solutions Partner for Security - As a Solutions Partner for Security, we demonstrated our broad capability to help customers safeguard their entire organization with integrated security, compliance, and identity solutions

Working with partners globally, these designations reflect Endava’s commitment to guiding customers on their digital acceleration journey. Endava helps put in place strategic goals with agile, short-term milestones to deliver the maximum efficiency and keep companies at the cutting-edge of technology, while also having the resilience to meet the challenges of a turbulent economic and market environment.

Radu Vunvulea, Group Head of Cloud Delivery at Endava, said, “It is critical that companies choose the right technology to achieve their aims and keep customers front of mind when creating the right user experience. With more than 50% of data stored in the cloud and 92% of organizations running at least one of their IT environments in the cloud, Microsoft Azure provides a mature cloud environment where organizations can evolve and grow.”

Globally, Endava has worked on over 225 Azure projects, supporting clients on their Microsoft digital acceleration journey. The designations are also testament to Endava’s commitment to its people amongst a global technology talent shortage. Endava currently has certified more than 350 people across the designations worldwide, with plans to certify many more as it continues to grow in line with Microsoft business ambitions.

Head of Alliances and Partnerships at Endava, Lewis Brown, added: “Adopting the cloud is a journey that needs to be made with a partner who knows the Microsoft and Cloud ecosystem well and can provide the cloud vision for tomorrow. This strategic partnership with Microsoft allows customers to maximize the impact of Microsoft Azure on their business and strengthen the level of governance, security and operational effort required to transform their business.”

In addition to the designations above, Endava has achieved the Microsoft Azure Advanced specialization for the Modernization of Web Applications. As a Microsoft Partner, Endava has demonstrated its deep cloud knowledge, extensive experience and proven success at implementing modern web applications on Microsoft Azure. Endava is also a solutions provider jointly co-selling with Microsoft by transacting through the Azure Marketplace.

Going forward, Endava will continue to build its commitment to Microsoft and its clients, seeking more designations and deepening its experience and the value it can bring to its customers and the ecosystem.