Enhancing visibility into global workforce spending through the integration of Papaya Global & NetSuite


A significant development in the growing global payroll ecosystem was the announcement that Israel headquartered global payroll platform provider Papaya Global became certified as an official NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) partner.

Their integration with Netsuite will enable enterprises that hire overseas and remote workers (either as employees or as independent contractors) to access and utilize a new suite of powerful management tools. 

The new SuiteApp, built using the Oracle NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform, will not only help to improve the onboarding experience for both workers and employers (where recent research suggests that 88% of companies don’t onboard efficiently), but also the entire HR and payroll management process for companies employing overseas and remote workers. 

What does the Papaya—NetSuite integration mean for businesses with a global workforce?

Papaya Global is the only global payroll company to be designated as Built for NetSuite, and this integration will deliver a wide range of new features for NetSuite ERP business software users

Key amongst these is that employers will be able to access a complete ledger of the costs associated with their entire global workforce, i.e., payroll and taxes, benefits and reimbursements, etc.

The efficiency of the process is further enhanced by the fact that it is fully automated, with all data streams being consolidated without individual location data having to be compared and downloaded manually.

Additional benefits of the Papaya Global— NetSuite API integration

There is a range of further benefits that NetSuite ERP users can enjoy. These include:

  • Greater control over data and records, with figures able to be audited and spending reports prepared quickly and accurately, without the need to undertake any additional steps. 

  • Journal entries are made directly to NetSuite automatically, eliminating the need for manual journal entry, and significantly speeding up the process while also eliminating the potential for human error. 

  • As there are fewer access points, you enjoy enhanced cyber security, essential when sensitive personal payroll and data are being handled. 

  • Global payroll processes have a single source of truth rather than a variety of siloed data streams, meaning that finance leaders benefit from a unified view and a complete ledger that enables them to be fully always informed. 

  • The Papaya Global platform is system agnostic and can be integrated with major workforce management tools widely in use by global employers, such as HRIS BambooHR and HCM Workday, as well as Expensify (expense accounting tool). This enables the consolidation into a single unified process of onboarding, payments, payroll and more. 

Papaya Global states that the integration will help to deliver enhanced cyber security, faster data entry and approvals, resulting in high quality data that reduces the number of reversals and missed deadlines, regardless of where an enterprise is based, or its workers located. 

This will serve significantly to improve the ability of organisations of any size to have visibility of its entire range of global payroll processes, thereby simplifying audit trails and assisting with audit readiness when taking on remote and foreign workforces. 

Consolidating all the data related to multi-location workforces in this way, it will enable financial managers to have greater control over complex payroll processes, which in most businesses is the major cost they incur. 

About Papaya Global

Papaya Global provides payroll and people management systems for enterprises with remote, global workforces, streamlining essential processes. from onboarding to payroll, to termination, for both employers and workers alike.

Papaya’s cloud-based, automated SaaS platform can be integrated with existing HRIS management tools and is designed to ensure compliance in any jurisdiction in which your enterprise operates.