Evolve and ITS Partnership to Empower Businesses


Leading provider of Managed Network Solutions and IT Services, Evolve, has strategically partnered with business connectivity wholesaler ITS Technology Group to provide scalable, future-proof, reliable, and robust connectivity solutions to businesses across the UK.

The move promises to empower businesses to embrace bandwidth-intensive technologies such as 4K/8K video streaming, online gaming, and video conferencing.

ITS Technology Group offers a range of gigabit-capable, full fibre and ultrafast connectivity solutions, firmly supporting the government’s pledge to provide 100% gigabit capability by 2030.

The partnership means ITS can employ the latest technology to ensure its Faster Britain network is equipped to serve future businesses. It transitions from a solution with an asymmetrical GPON capable connection, providing 1.5Gbps upstream and 2.5Gbps downstream, to a more agile infrastructure capable of delivering symmetrical 10Gbps upstream and downstream speeds.

It will also enable Evolve to better cater to the diverse range of sectors it serves, offering connectivity capable of supporting more simultaneous users while running bandwidth-hungry applications, such as 4K/8K, AR/VR, and more.

Alan Stephenson-Brown, CEO at Evolve Business Group, said: “Business is increasingly driven by emerging technologies, and success means accommodating a growing user base and staying competitive by deploying future-proof infrastructure. Our partnership with ITS signals a new era of connectivity for the United Kingdom, bolstering the country with enhanced productivity, digital confidence, and efficiency. Key industries in the UK, including construction, retail, and fuel forecourts, stand to gain from the 10Gbps speeds made possible by this technology. Through the collaboration between ITS and Evolve, the UK’s connectivity future is bright.”

Evolve’s ability to offer ground-breaking technology is bolstered by ITS’ adoption of state-of-the-art technology. Its fibre network, equipped with dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) capability, allows flexible bandwidth expansion. By consolidating data signals from various sources over a single fibre, Evolve can cater to multiple end-users, delivering up to 10Gbps bandwidth while maintaining data stream separation while ensuring the best possible service.

A spokesperson from ITS Technology added: “At ITS, we’re proud to connect a nation of trailblazers, innovators and entrepreneurs, ensuring they have access to the fastest, most robust and future-proof full fibre networks out there. Having Evolve as our connectivity partner is a real coup for us. The business is at the forefront of delivering such infrastructure, boasting a remarkable 10Gbps capability to enable businesses to keep pace with the dynamic competition and the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth-intensive technologies.”

Evolve’s partnership with ITS is underpinned by its network’s inherent XGS-PON capability. Leveraging a combined approach of GPON and XGS-PON capable networks, ITS’ offerings present a cost-effective solution for scalable network deployments. XGS-PON connectivity enhances guest WiFi services, empowers businesses companies to utilise bandwidth-hungry smart devices, and rejuvenate their digital strategies by incorporating 4K/8K resolution devices across entertainment venues.

This announcement marks the start of an exciting pipeline of plans for the partnership, with further integration of solutions expected in the new year.

For more information about Evolve, please visit: https://www.evolvebg.co.uk/