FireMon Automation Unlocks Agility, Drives Untapped Business Potential for Digital Transformation Initiatives in Hybrid Environments


FireMon announced the introduction of FireMon Automation, a comprehensive set of policy automation management solutions designed to chart the course to smart security process automation. With FireMon Automation, FireMon defines a clear roadmap for companies to drive untapped business potential for digital transformation initiatives and reduce complexity in hybrid environments.

FireMon Automation provides specific capabilities for a variety of use cases, based on the environment, workflow, governance or type of request required. Removing the conundrum of what or how much to automate, FireMon’s approach enables customers to leverage existing technology investments as their infrastructure evolves, speeding time-to-value and lowering the cost of ownership. Today, FireMon presents an approach to security process automation that reflects the dynamic needs of the business.

FireMon Automation: Efficiency for Operations, Integrated Security & Digital Transformation

There is no shortage of headlines that highlight the need for mindful automation in security operations. The increased focus on incident response, the need for cloud visibility, and the growing impact of governance, risk and compliance on security operations, necessitate a change in approach. Network environments are complex – business solutions span data centre, public and private cloud networks. FireMon Automation shifts security operations to a business enablement role, rather than a post-implementation afterthought.

Demonstrating a new era of security change management, FireMon prescribes a change process built on trusted accuracy, golden standards, and proactive compliance. Rejecting the status quo that ends at “zero touch automation” for others, FireMon delivers the blueprint to shift security automation from a buzzword concept into a business reality.

With FireMon Automation, automated change management is handled based on a trigger for change. This may include the launch of a new application or security event. For example:

• A security threat event: SOAR, IDS, device posture change events;
• Changes to an existing service or application: such as a new VM, or DNS services; scaling and reliability, network change;
• A new service or application rollout: completely new application launch; or
• A ticket-based change and commit.

The efficiencies delivered by FireMon Automation reflect the company’s commitment to heterogeneous support for hybrid enterprises, a cornerstone to manage complexity in today’s network environments. FireMon takes the technology high-ground by leveraging fully functional APIs to manage a variety of tasks, including the ability to open tickets, update Access Rule definitions, retrieve lists of objects, and request back-end processes like compute and retrievals. In addition, FireMon Automation integrates application services and business processes across security technologies including cloud platforms and other infrastructure management tools, such as SOAR and ITSM products.

FireMon Automation is the central point control to aid digital transformation initiatives, from cloud migration to Zero Trust, by embracing the following:

• Stops the revolving door of compliance violations by checking compliance proactively prior to implementation;
• Reduces human error by preventing mistakes that increase the enterprise attack surface;
• Removes the friction between DevOps and SecOps to deliver security at speed and improves the SLAs; and
• Delivers hybrid and multi-vendor abstractions that simplify operations, and ease migration to next-gen networks.

“FireMon Automation turns security hardware and network assets into a strategic value driver for customers. Pure automation and orchestration technology alone cannot support today’s complex business processes,” said FireMon Chief Product Officer, Don Closser. “Customers need a comprehensive solution that addresses the need to create new value from existing technology investments and skill sets. FireMon is the first vendor that will transparently adapt and recalibrate to underlying networking, platform and infrastructure changes allowing you to stay focused on the business initiatives that matter most.”