Food Logistics Recognizes 3Gtms as Top 100 Software & Technology Provider


3Gtms, a global provider of the modern-day transportation management system (TMS), today announced its inclusion on Food Logistics’ annual list of “Top 100 Software and Technology Providers.” The award celebrates providers of technology, specifically, those ensuring a safe, efficient, and reliable global food and beverage supply chain. 3Gtms has been recognized for its contributions during a year in which food supply chains were met with historical disruptions, making the importance of innovative technology more critical than ever.

3Gtms makes it easier to book and execute refrigerated loads by leveraging its offerings across all modes, including LTL and reefer truckloads to boost revenue without needing to utilize additional drivers. Accessing 3Gtms’ TL and LTL services through a single portal allows users to expand their business and ensure each load is optimized.

“When food providers are ready to ship, 3Gtms goes beyond centralizing carrier data to find the ideal rates and schedules for every shipment,” said Daniel Sedore, Senior VP of Customer Operations, 3Gtms. “Our pool distribution planning combines truckload and LTL orders to determine the most effective multimodal combination of lanes and rates, continuously updating in real-time. 3Gtms is the most adaptive solution that requires less effort and human intervention.”

Much like 2020, 2021 was a rife year full of challenges within the supply chain. Shippers who are not prepared for the next disruption risk being left behind and possibly in an unrecoverable position as the market around them escalates beyond their capabilities. Now more than ever, it is vital for shippers to have fully integrated TMS functionalities that can keep up with not only today but the world of tomorrow.

“There’s no going backward when it comes to customer expectations, despite the limiting factors currently present in logistics,” explained Sedore. “Shippers, including those in the global food and beverage industries, that fail to digitize their transportation sourcing and management will struggle to compete as situations and client demands evolve.”