Ford is Omicron’s latest victim, but will its hybrid work plans be a success?


Ford is the latest COVID variant’s victim, succumbing to the uncertainty it has presented to the modern working world. Deciding to delay its return-to-work hybrid plan to March, Ford needs to be able to make changes to the way its business functions rapidly in order to continue driving business growth.

CEOs are mandated to drive growth. However, without predictability this is impossible, and today that predictability is hard to get as not just the general business world but the entire macro environment is changing.  CEOs lean on tech platforms that allow them to navigate changes, such as moving from large HQs to smaller offices as hybrid working becomes standard.

Hybrid workplace environments demand the right kind of connectivity and security technologies to keep employees productive and able to collaborate. Now it’s all in the reaction time to be able to implement the correct vision and architecture specific to each enterprise. A new offering of managed SD-WAN and SASE solutions can deliver maximum architectural flexibility for both deployments in the  cloud-first era. Aryaka enables every enterprise, regardless of budget, to access what they need to cope with uncertainty and volatility.