Forklifts get moving with Powerful Drives from ABM Greiffenberger


‘Your Vision is our Drive.’ ABM Greiffenberger develops efficient forklift drives for traction, lifting and steering for its customers. As a system supplier the company from the Upper Franconian town of Marktredwitz offers all drive components from a single source. TDB series bevel gears and TDF series parallel shaft gears were some of the products that could be seen at LogiMAT. They are powerful, energy-saving and reliable in daily use.

Fast movement and smooth transport of goods in various sizes and weights are important factors in intralogistics. Accordingly there are also high demands on the drive technology. Gearboxes from ABM Greiffenberger feature impressive driving comfort and safety. They meet strict environmental and emission requirements. In the expanding electrification, that amongst other benefits provides noise reduction in storage and warehouse uses, the company sees further growth in market potential.

The gearbox solutions from ABM make high gradeability and acceleration of pallet trucks possible. Even at low speeds forklifts can be controlled precisely – with highly dynamic steering. Thus operators can manoeuvre them more easily, even in tight spaces. ABM offers ready-to-install plug-and-play systems which are available in modular form according to a platform concept. Motor, gearbox and sensors can easily be integrated into different vehicle types.

TDB series bevel gears can be used for a variety of purposes. They are found in reach trucks, tow tractors, autonomous transport systems and sweepers/scrubbers. The components are powerful and highly efficient. Even with small batteries, users can work reliably for long periods. The TDB series was extended with a drive that can handle output torques up to 750 Nm. With an unchanged installation space, the drive torque was once again increased by 15% over the predecessor model. ABM Greiffenberger designed the series to be compact. The vertical motor mounting and the further optimisation of gearbox components such as gearing and housing lead to a small envelope circle: the user benefits from a space saving gearbox installation.

ABM Greiffenberger developed the bevel gearboxes for wheel diameters of 230 and 254 mm and a wide range of applications and great flexibility: application-specific combinations of gear ratio and motor output can be easily realised. The series is also available in combination with an integrated steering drive and redundant steering monitoring right on the drive wheel. For ‘driving’ ABM offers temperature monitoring via a temperature sensor. Motor speed recording is done via an incremental encoder with up to 64 pulses per revolution. Use of a regenerative AC technology is also possible. An electromechanical holding brake takes care of parking and emergency stopping. The overall design thus offers a wide variety of functions and combination options. Now both developers of customised individual applications and OEM project managers for cross-fleet platforms have the ideal drive for their respective application available.

TDF series: Quiet Running and Plenty of Power

TDF series parallel shaft gears impress through their high efficiency, quiet running and longevity. Especially quiet running is stressed over and over by users. This is made possible by the highly optimised helical gear technology used by ABM Greiffenberger. The gearboxes are suitable for use in pallet trucks and three-wheel sit down forklifts, amongst others. The die-cast aluminium alloy housings used with sizes 200 and 230 mm ensures lightness, high stability and corrosion resistance. The housings for versions with wheel diameters 254 and 471 mm are are made out of robust ductile iron.

ABM offers the TDF series with a motor output of 1.2 to 4.7 kW. The maximum wheel torques range from 435 to 1,400 Nm. The gears can be supplied with different gear reductions based on the applications. ABM Greiffenberger can develop customer-specific housings for a cross-fleet platform design and large vehicle volumes. Even with the TDF series, precise motor speed recording for smooth deployment is possible.

System supplier with high-level development expertise

With the trade fair presentation, the drive specialist displayed its strengths as a system supplier with a high level of consultation and development expertise. It supplies all products, both motors and gearboxes, from a single source. With additive manufacturing even complex prototypes can be quickly produced. Modern testing technologies, motor dynos and a laboratory for materials analysis ensure high quality in design and engineering already at the development stage. With its in-house aluminium die-casting foundry, the company has attained a prominent position in the production of gearbox housings. The parts are produced with high process reliability on automated and flexible machines and machining centres. Robot-controlled manufacturing cells and winding lines enable consistent series quality.

ABM Greiffenberger has always paid special attention to ensuring close customer relationships and intense market monitoring. Based on its modular and extensive portfolio, the drive specialist develops application-tailored space- and cost-optimised systems with maximum benefit to the user.