World of Warcraft: what race to choose for arena battles


If you are a fan of MMORPG games, then most likely you have played World of Warcraft at least once in your life. If not, then it’s time to try. Unforgettable adventures await you in an exciting universe invented by Blizzard.

The favorite part of WoW for many players is the PVP battles in the arena, although others prefer to trust the passage of this content to professionals. If you belong to the second group or want to pump your character for PVP as quickly as possible, then you can order arena carries wow.

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Many may have a question, with which race is it better to start diving into PvP battles? In this article, we will talk about which classes for whom the style of play may be suitable.


It is an excellent choice for those who like long and exhausting battles, and defense games. People have rapid economic development, and dangerous and fairly cheap watchtowers that can be improved, thereby making their bases more secure. A large selection of different units, each of which is perfect for opposing different tactics and races of opponents. And in combination with the excellent skills of the heroes, you have a field for maneuvers, if you want to restrain the enemies with infantry, while the Archmage or Celtas will throw magic at the enemy. Or you can use cavalry and the mountain king to destroy the most dangerous enemies.

All this makes the alliance an incredibly flexible race able to adapt to the actions of the enemy. In addition, the alliance in the World of Warcraft has the opportunity to turn its workers into militias capable of helping to clean up the area at the very beginning of the game.

Night Elves

Perhaps it is the most diverse race in the World of Warcraft. Their tactics range from a banal frontal attack, using giants and druids in the front ranks, who will be covered from the back by archers and catapults, to more complex tactics in which only arrow units will be used by competent firing, control, and constant movement.

As already mentioned above, the army of night elves is very diverse, which plays into the hands of everyone who likes to use various tactics and strategies. Elven heroes are not nearly worse than heroes of other races. You need to use this race properly in WoW.


This class in WoW will appeal to everyone who loves small, but effective armies, because their main tactic is to create a suitable small squad and add heroes to it to inflict pinpoint strikes both on the enemy army and on its base, while you always need to monitor the health of each unit in the squad because losses in such a game are not acceptable.

Speaking of heroes, the undead probably have the best of all, because a lich and a death knight in skillful hands is a great option to win. The Lich perfectly controls the enemy army, while the knight buffs his creatures at the expense of aura, and can also heal his own and injure other units at the expense of the Death Coil.

The undead creatures have very secure bases. They can even compete with the alliance in this because improved ziggurats turn any assault on your base into a real massacre, in which your necropolis can also participate.


The tactics of playing WoW for the orcs resemble guerrilla actions because for them it is best to ambush, lure the enemy from the base and drive him into a trap, where the Orcs will have a numerical advantage. While a small group will storm enemy bases. Ork troops seem to be created for quick and dashing attacks on small groups and key enemy targets. They find a target, attack, and quickly escape, not letting the enemy tie them up in a long battle. The wolf riders can perfectly smash the base, while the enemy is distracted. The main task of the game for the horde is to try to press the enemy.

And although the army of the horde is expensive and the loss of each unit hurts your pocket, this problem is solved by heroes that can cause damage to the enemy army and create various problems on enemy bases even at the beginning of the battle.