Free webinar: Roadmap to transportation cost reduction: 25% and beyond



20th October 2021

16:00 CEST

In the webinar, Alpega experts will offer clear steps for transportation stakeholders seeking to get costs under control. Having helped some of our clients save up to 25% on transportation costs, we’re happy to provide the expertise to get you started.

Transportation stakeholders are under great pressure to drive down costs. And because transportation spending is often a complex budget item, there are many strategies for reducing overall spend while increasing the efficiency of the supply chain. The webinar will take a step-by-step approach to these strategies, covering such topics as:

  • Best practices for settling, monitoring and analyzing costs
  • How to reduce process costs with a TMS
  • How to lock in cost reductions through network optimization and smarter sourcing



Anyone seeking a roadmap to transportation cost control and reduction should consider this webinar a must-watch event. We hope you’ll join us!

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