The supply chain needs a digital transformation

The statistics on food waste are always alarming but it could potentially get worse in the coming months. Ongoing supply chain issues and CO2 shortages in the manufacturing process are threatening the food industry – at a higher level in the supply chain, and action must be taken. While the onus may be on the government to aid in the immediate danger to our food supply and tackle ongoing food waste issues, a transformation within the supply chain may be needed.

It is essential for retailers to have knowledge and visibility from farm to shelf. Seamless, rapid exchange of data between supply chain nodes & partners is key to give retailers early warning of potential issues and allow them to take action. This can allow them to find alternate sources of supply or allocate available inventory more productively. Utilising IoT to track location, temperature, and humidity of a product in transit can also ensure the optimal environment levels for the product are found. In doing so, product life can be increased, and businesses can react to real-time data at the earliest opportunity.

Eliminating data siloes – internally & externally – is key to maintaining a secure, real-time, trusted and totally transparent supply chain. The industry is ready to transform, now is the time to leverage technology and confront the issue of food waste head on.


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