How to fend off Lapsus$


NVIDIA, Samsung, Ubisoft and now Okta and Microsoft have all fallen victim to hackers from Lapsus$. These recent data breaches are especially concerning given that these all companies have the necessary resources to build strong cybersecurity postures.

More visibility over networks is essential to help detect suspicious and malicious activity. Threat actors can disable agents and erase logs but they cannot turn off the network because they too rely on it to control your systems. The correct place to detect their malicious activities is at the network level where you can see what they are doing without them ever knowing you are watching them.

The sophistication of gangs like Lapsus$ means companies need the right security processes in place for when an intrusion happens so they can catch attackers in their midgame, before the intrusion develops into a successful breach. Ensuring good protocol, network segmentation, and behavioural monitoring of the environment is crucial for organisations to help protect themselves.