Intermarché and Netto Create Strategic Partnership With Symphony RetailAI


Symphony RetailAI, the leading global provider of integrated AI-enabled marketing, merchandising, and supply chain solutions for FMCG retailers and manufacturers, today announced the signing of a significant agreement with Intermarché and Netto.

In order to meet the ambitious objectives of increasing performance throughout their supply chain, from supplier orders to delivery to stores, Intermarché and Netto evaluated several solutions in the market and selected Symphony RetailAI, the only solution provider that could provide all of the necessary functionality via a fully integrated platform.

“Today we are entering into a strategic partnership that resulted from an 18-month collaboration and a detailed analysis of our capacity to support and accelerate the digital transformation of Intermarché and Netto,” said Arnaud Gauthier, President, CCO, International, Symphony RetailAI. “We are now equipping Intermarché and Netto with the ability to address key end-to-end capabilities that span all areas of their retail enterprise, including upstream and downstream activities along the commercial and logistics value chain.”

Operating as both manufacturers and retailers, Intermarché, Netto, and their networks have a wealth of data, from production to sale. Symphony RetailAI’s AI-based technologies will enable a 360-degree view of this data, leveraging it much more efficiently, and driving all aspects of the supply chain with greater agility.

“You have to be able to anticipate the precise expectations of each customer and the exact needs of each point of sale in order to meet demand and to deliver maximum fluidity and reliability. It is essential to manage the supply chain from end to end, with great flexibility and responsiveness,” said Jean-Michel Balaguer, STIME President, CTO of Groupement Les Mousquetaires, Intermarché entrepreneur, and Région Centre Est administrator. “This is exactly what the AI-based technologies from Symphony RetailAI bring us. We will be able to accelerate our strategic transformation by unifying purchasing, finance, replenishment, and logistics processes, considering customer preferences across a common platform. The retail business expertise and long-term vision of Symphony RetailAI convinced us that it is the right partner to support us in this vast transformation project.”


Through this large-scale project, the collaboration between Intermarché, Netto, and Symphony RetailAI includes the following:

  • Optimisation of inventory and replenishment across the value chain
  • Significant improvement in forecasting accuracy including promotional demand
  • Increased supplier collaboration
  • Improved store productivity, freeing up store associates to better serve customers


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