Linnworks & Spreetail Europe Announce Swift Collaboration Project to Accelerate Global Ecommerce Growth


Linnworks, a leading provider of inventory management solutions for ecommerce, showcases their successful collaboration with Spreetail Europe, a leading global ecommerce leader. The ongoing partnership has driven efficiencies, expanded market reach, and enhanced value for brands, delivering the initial implementation from start to finish in just three weeks.

In 2022, Spreetail approached Linnworks with an urgent need to optimise its operations within Europe. Linnworks responded with agility, reducing the expected project timeline from three months to just three weeks.

To achieve this, Linnworks implemented its comprehensive end-to-end Connected CommerceOps platform that offered 100% data visibility and transparency of Spreetail’s business operations. This enabled Spreetail to identify inefficiencies, drive down operational costs, and enhance both top-line and bottom-line performance.

The collaboration has also enabled Spreetail to manage inventory and track its warehouse operations efficiently. Linnworks’ user-friendly interface and intuitive warehouse management system (WMS) facilitated quick training and seamless onboarding of new staff, ensuring smooth operations even as volumes grew.

Together with Linnworks, Spreetail has been able to transition to a global marketplace, with Linnworks providing the tools and insights necessary to scale operations and meet international demand. This partnership was critical for driving Spreetail’s growth and expanding its market presence.

Speaking on the partnership, Mehmet Kalay, CEO of Spreetail Europe, said, “We are in the business of solving problems to help propel our brand partners growth, and Linnworks has proven to be an exceptional partner in this endeavour. Their ability to quickly adapt and deliver solutions has been instrumental in our success.”

“The end-to-end streamlined processes established by Linnworks have brought immense value to our operations. With 100% data visibility and transparency across the businesses, we are now able to identify inefficiencies and drive cost savings, which is incredibly valuable for the brands we support and grow.”

The partnership between Linnworks and Spreetail has redefined ecommerce operations by leveraging innovative technology and strategic collaboration. Both companies remain committed to continuous improvement and are excited about the future prospects of this partnership.

Chris Timmer, CEO of Linnworks, said, “Our expertise lies in helping ambitious retailers of all sizes to meet their growth ambitions, and our collaboration with Spreetail Europe exemplifies this commitment. We are both pleased and proud to have been able to help get Spreetail up and running with their operations in this expanded market, and look forward to continuing to provide our support and expertise into the future.”

For more information about Linnworks and Spreetail’s collaboration, please visit here.