Luminance Announces AI-Powered Chatbot in Latest Application of its Legal-Grade Large Language Model


Luminance, the world’s most advanced AI for legal process automation, today announced the launch of the latest cutting-edge application of its specialist legal large language model (LLM) – the AI-powered ‘Ask Lumi’ chatbot. ‘Ask Lumi’ represents the first chatbot underpinned by this legal-grade AI, and allows users to open any contract in Microsoft Word, ask the AI questions about their contract and receive instant responses.

Informed by over 150 million documents, Luminance’s exposure to vast volumes of legal documentation, combined with its core proprietary AI and deep domain knowledge of the legal industry, makes it the most advanced legal LLM today. In contrast to more generalist GPT technologies, Luminance’s Legal Pre-Trained Transformer (LPT) technology learns solely from legally verified documents and is able not only to produce content, but also to analyse and understand content, even that created or edited by third parties. This powerful combination of both generative and analytical AI ensures the utmost legal rigour.

Luminance’s chatbot technology will enable users to ask questions about any contract such as ‘Who are the contracting parties?’, ‘What is the jurisdiction of incorporation?’ or ‘Is this agreement assignable?’ and receive instant results, all within Microsoft Word. Where necessary, users can also ask for clauses to be redrafted with alternative, acceptable wording. Further, ‘Ask Lumi’ will help drive business-wide efficiencies by allowing non-legal teams to ask questions and receive answers, saving the legal department from answering routine, repetitive queries.

Eleanor Lightbody, CEO of Luminance, commented: “With ‘Ask Lumi’ at their fingertips, users can now receive rapid and reliable answers to their most urgent queries when understanding and negotiating contracts. I am incredibly excited to see how our customers benefit from this latest extension of Luminance’s AI.”

Robert Webb KC, Chairman of Luminance and former General Counsel of Rolls-Royce, added: “We hear a lot about ChatGPT, but it is really the equivalent of a well-read and entertaining dinner guest when compared to Luminance’s specialist legal Large Language Model, which behaves like someone who has studied law.”

Connagh, McCormick, General Counsel of proSapient, said: “This latest development from Luminance is incredibly exciting news for businesses everywhere. ‘Ask Lumi’ will exponentially speed up the negotiation process, making legal teams more efficient. When we’re racing to get contracts signed and hit targets, being able to ask the system key questions about contracts and receive instant answers right from within Word will be a gamechanger.”