Marketers get precise, targeted content with SALESmanago’s OpenAI-powered content generator


SALESmanago, the Customer Engagement Platform, today announced the integration of OpenAI’s generative AI model with its email designer, in addition to the launch of its Email Design Studio.

Designed to empower marketers to create more engaging and efficient campaigns, SALESmanago’s email designer integrates with OpenAI’s model to generate content immediately from a list of options. This includes rewriting content, generating new content based on a query, creating call-to-actions, preparing bullet points (including summarising content), and listing product advantages, among others. All content can be produced in 12 languages – including English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Polish – to increase the reach of campaigns and improve content output.

SALESmanago will soon be launching more enhanced AI email designer options including ‘email rating’ and generating subjects based on email content.

Email Design Studio

The integrated generative AI capabilities are also available in the company’s new Email Design Studio, which will be available later this month.

Studio users can enhance emails with dynamic personalisation based on Zero- and First-Party Data, which helps to engage customers and boost customer intimacy. All widgets for eCommerce are available in a single designer, which is boosted with a built-in AI studio for easier content creation. This includes generating the best subject lines, bullet points, product descriptions, catchy slogans and main-body content.

Greg Blazewicz, CEO and Founder at SALESmanago commented: “From support with generating content to providing inspiration, our new AI functionality is helping marketers to create engaging campaigns that can be launched faster than via traditional routes. Increasing customer intimacy and personalisation is key, and embracing AI is a key to achieving this. This functionality in Beta will be available to all customers with SALESmanago PRO and Enterprise packages, and we’re set to launch further AI enhancements later in 2023.”

To find out more about SALESmanago, visit the website here.