New paperless system game-changer for sub-contractor job-control


Mandata, the transport management system providers have launched a new portal that allows hauliers to work in a real-time, integrated way with their sub-contractors.

Managing sub-contractors is a real challenge for hauliers. Getting real-time job updates from subbies so they can manage their own customer expectations is next to impossible. Getting timely PODs back so they can get paid is an ongoing struggle. Today, technology is more important than ever. With hauliers needing to collaborate more closely and paperless systems required to avoid the exchange of paperwork at delivery points, Mandata’s Subbie Portal and integrated ePOD solutions really can be a game-changer for the industry.

Available now, Subbie Portal is a web application which integrates with Mandata’s transport management solutions – TMS and Go. Hauliers can invite their sub-contractors to work with them, then allocate and send jobs as well as receive real-time job updates and PODs in their Mandata system.  This gives Mandata users live visibility and control over their sub-contractor network.

Hauliers can also elect to share sub-contractor job updates and PODs with their own customers using a customer portal. The new system provides hauliers with real-time updates from subbies, so they can get PODs turned around without delay along with email invoices and their own customers’ expectations fully managed.

Also, the subcontractor can print off manifests, carry out the work, refresh status updates (including conformance) and scan relevant documents, which the prime haulier can then view in their own Mandata system (TMS or Go). For added convenience Mandata’s driver-friendly Manifest app can be used to handle the work-related information and automatically update the job status along with electronic signatures, manifest and photo scans of POD’s, in the prime haulier’s Mandata transport management system. Using the Subbie Portal, every job can quickly be sent out for consideration and all information is electronically exchanged and captured. This, say Mandata, avoids confusion, speeds up the whole process and puts an end to paper-trails and lost documents.

“We have provided an integrated solution,” says Development Director, Kevin Marshall, “which enables the haulier and their subcontractors to deliver each plan with improved efficiency while closely managing customer expectations and maintaining greater visibility and control all round.”

 The new Subbie Portal is free to use for any transporter who has been invited to register by an existing subscriber to Mandata’s TMS or Go transport management systems.