New Report Reveals Companies Lacking Global Presence Will Lose Growth Opportunities


G-P (Globalization Partners), the pioneer and recognised leader in the global employment industry, known for setting the standard in global employment compliance, today released the inaugural ‘Global Growth Report: The Rise of the Everywhere Workforce’. The report found that despite economic uncertainty, 66% of C-suite UK executives are focused on growing their organisation over the next year. However, growth requires skilled talent that leaders often can’t find locally, pushing them to look beyond borders to source success.

The G-P 2023 Global Growth Report brings together perspectives from 2,500 executive leaders and 5,500 employed professionals worldwide, uncovering expectations and employee sentiments in the evolving business landscape, along with informing strategies and best practises to become a globally-minded, employee-centric leader.

“Business growth is no longer a linear journey. For organisations to thrive amid today’s ever-evolving market dynamics, businesses, and their leaders, need to constantly evolve. Adopting a global mindset is key to navigating change, driving innovation and developing new business models,” said Nicole Sahin, CEO of G-P.

“But having a global mindset alone is not enough,” continued Sahin. “Leaders need to create a holistic business environment that supports an everywhere workforce. There needs to be a convergence of global mindset, human expertise and powerful technology to navigate the intricacies of global growth in order to realise optimal innovation, create global growth opportunity and gain a competitive edge.”

Top UK findings of the report include:

  • State of the Everywhere Workforce: More than half of UK employees (58%) are already searching for a new job, or plan to do so within the next six months. 76% of those employees report wanting to work for a global company.

  • Attracting Top Talent: More than four-fifths (86%) of UK executives say identifying skilled talent in their current markets is a problem, and 72% are considering hiring internationally as a solution to their talent needs.

  • Ideal Qualities for Leaders: Over half (59%) of employees list the ability to adapt and remain flexible as the most important quality needed to successfully lead a global team.

  • Leveraging AI: 90% of UK employees are excited about potential uses of AI at work. As companies look to expand, 48% of UK executives—as well as 43% of employees—believe AI can improve predicting business challenges in prospective new markets.

Download the G-P Global Growth Report here to learn more about the opportunities and challenges of global growth.

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