New White Paper: Multi-carrier shipping critical for unprecedented peak season capacity


Logistyx today published a new white paper “Why Shippers Can’t Afford to Overlook Regional Carriers” highlighting the importance of growing carrier networks and incorporating regional delivery partners to introduce more options and capacity into the parcel delivery mix. Choosing to work with regional and specialty last-mile carriers may prove particularly wise in 2020 to reduce transportation costs and provide a consistent level of service to customers, despite the surging demand for carrier capacity.

Looking ahead to peak season, e-commerce volumes are predicted to hit unprecedented levels and carriers are already expecting capacity crunches, meaning delivery delays could continue. Anticipating continued carrier demand heading into the holidays, Amazon booked UPS in advance, limiting available volume for other customers who turned to FedEx. Even some last-mile carriers are experiencing overloaded capacity and turning away clients for peak season. To help meet increased demand, retailers must utilize a multi-carrier shipping strategy to address shortages in carrier availability and accessibility.

Download the White Paper here    Why Shippers Can’t Afford to Overlook Regional Carriers