Nylacast Forges Future-Proof Operations with Infor

Infor today announced that Nylacast, a worldwide leader of precision engineered polymer solutions, has chosen Infor CloudSuite Industrial as its core technology platform. Supporting an aggressive growth strategy, Nylacast will use the application to shorten the timeline of achieving new capabilities within both its automotive and engineered products divisions, helping to reduce risk and minimise business disruption.

Learn more about Infor CloudSuite Industrial: https://www.infor.com/en-gb/products/cloudsuite-industrial   

Deployed via multi-tenant cloud and implemented by Infor partner JPO Solutions, Nylacast will move existing operations to CloudSuite Industrial for more than 150 named users. Nylacast will then enhance operations using a range of additional modules including Infor Factory Track.

Learn more about Infor Factory Track: https://www.infor.com/en-gb/products/factory-track  

Nylacast chose CloudSuite Industrial based on the enhanced functionality it offers over the existing on-premises application, the reduced management demands it is expected to make on Nylacast resources, and the robustness and flexibility cloud-based technologies offer.

Following the uplift to the cloud, Nylacast will embark on a series of ‘sprint’ projects for contained functionality in specific departments — both internally and customer-facing. Planned sprints include a reduction in paper-based processes on the manufacturing floor, improved customer support via portals connecting key suppliers and customers, and an automated purchase ledger.

“This decision is based in our desire to develop a truly future-looking ERP system,” said Mark Bevan, CFO of Nylacast Group. “Moving to the cloud not only reduces cost but cuts the complexity of managing the hardware and enables us to continually evolve new capabilities instead of being confined to large-scale, cyclical releases that come with larger risk. This will make us more agile and able to respond to market changes better and faster. The future enhanced system robustness and flexibility will help improve our response to events like COVID-19 as we currently have large numbers of staff working off-site. The additional functionality that will come with this implementation will also help drive our post-uplift projects that will keep us at the forefront of the industry.”

“Moving to the cloud is more than just a cost-efficiency play,” said Simon Quinton, Infor VP and Managing Director for UK & Ireland. “It goes beyond the ability to keep technology in the most up-to-date version. Cloud delivers a platform that enables rapid, diverse evolution that keeps businesses ahead of the competition.”