Pacejet & SPS Commerce Announce Industry-First Integration for Oracle NetSuite Users


Pacejet, the premier enterprise shipping execution platform, today announced its integration with SPS Commerce, a leading provider of full-service EDI solutions, to automate Advance Shipping Notification (ASN) creation within Oracle NetSuite. The integration became available to Pacejet customers on Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

This industry-first integration will make Pacejet the only shipping software to offer this type of automated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) data sharing within the Oracle NetSuite environment. Automating the EDI transmissions between Pacejet and SPS allows for rapid creation of GS1 labels and eliminates the risk of human error associated with manual data entry.

“Today, we have access to more shipping data than ever before, but it’s only as good as our ability to use it quickly, and accurately” said Karen Stainbrook, Pacejet’s co-founder and vice president of solutions. “This new capability allows for automated transmission of EDI data between trading partners, providing substantial time savings and risk reduction.”

The amount of time it takes to manually import data to create GS1 labels, and the risk of human error inherent with every keystroke, make this integration a game changer particularly for shippers with high volumes and the need to consolidate shipments.

“Automation is critical for success in today’s omnichannel retail supply chains,” said Mark O’Leary, Chief Marketing Officer at SPS Commerce. “SPS Commerce is delighted to partner with Pacejet to help streamline order fulfillment for NetSuite users. Our combined solution reduces manual steps and errors, resulting in an enhanced customer experience.”