PSA BDP To Be the Logistics Service Provider for Automotive Cells Company (ACC)


PSA BDP, a leading provider of globally integrated and port-centric supply chain, transportation, and logistics solutions, announced today that it has been appointed as the logistics service provider for Automotive Cells Company (ACC). ACC, a joint venture between Saft, Stellantis N.V. and Mercedes-Benz, has the ambition to become a leader in the production of Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries. PSA BDP will handle the contract logistics and hinterland transportation for ACC’s first gigafactory in Europe, located in Billy-Berclau, France.

PSA BDP has over half a century of experience in developing bespoke and sustainable supply chain solutions for customers in high-care industries, and its entry into the EV battery vertical is a natural extension of its capabilities and expertise.

The transportation to and from ACC’s gigafactory will be routed through PSA BDP’s 22,000 square meter purpose-built and designed warehouse in Dunkirk. This specialized warehouse is BREEAM certified and meets the highest standards for sustainable EV battery handling.

As the Hauts-De-France region is rapidly becoming one of the premiere EV battery production hubs in North Europe, PSA BDP is committed to partnering with stakeholders in the region to support this exciting development. Besides ACC, the PSA BDP Dunkirk warehouse will also provide logistics and storage services for other customers within the EV battery sector. Ideally located in the heart of the Port of Dunkirk, the warehouse has excellent intermodal connectivity, enabling PSA BDP to deploy sustainable intermodal solutions such as e-trucks, e-barges and rail transportation to achieve ACC’s ambition of zero emissions and enabling circular supply chains.

“PSA BDP is thrilled and honoured to be selected as ACC’s supply chain partner in this transformational project,” said Vincent Ng, CEO of Enterprise Growth at PSA BDP. “The EV vertical is poised for explosive growth in Europe and PSA BDP is well-positioned to become one of the key logistics service providers for this burgeoning industry. The partnership with ACC allows us to collaborate with one of the premiere EV players and with key stakeholders in the Hauts-De-France logistics ecosystem to co-create innovative supply chain solutions.”

“Sustainability is a key priority for ACC and PSA BDP. Besides working on decarbonisation initiatives, PSA BDP will explore solutions with various stakeholders to enable recycling of end-of-life batteries, and to facilitate circularity in supply chains,” added Luc Geysen, Director of Enterprise Growth at PSA BDP.