Ransomware attack on The Works latest in long line of disruption for businesses


With The Works forced to shut some shops after a cyber attack, and operations disrupted, Steve Bradford, made the following comment: 

“No industry is untouchable when it comes to cybercrime. The ransomware attack on The Works is the latest in a long line of disruption to businesses, which can bring entire systems to a standstill. All it takes is for a malicious email to slip through and an unsuspecting employee to click on it.

Ransomware has become so effective that many organisations have simply paid ransom, sometimes to the tune of thousands of pounds. To reduce the risk of ransomware, organisations must implement multiple security controls, investing in technology like identity security to manage who has access to what, and when. This is crucial to spotting unusual, suspicious behaviour and should be standard best practice for cyber security. It will also reduce the risk of other malicious malware threats.”