Renovotec Public Launch for Honeywell ‘RT10’ Rugged Tablet


Renovotec, the UK’s fastest growing rugged hardware, software and services provider for supply chain companies is publicly launching Honeywell’s new ‘RT10’ rugged tablet at IntraLogisteX 2020 the company announced today. The new mobile device has been designed for faster user adoption and optimum warehouse productivity, balancing ruggedness with lightweight design. It is built on Honeywell’s ‘Mobility Edge’ platform which future-proofs user investment through Android R and beyond and helps to speed deployment.

“We have selected the RT10 tablet for its attractiveness to users, its tough, durable specification and its suitability for multiple warehouse workflows” says Renovotec managing director Richard Gilliard. “This combination also makes it very cost-effective.”

The RT10 will be available to buy or rent through Renovotec. It features integrated barcode scanning from 5 inches to 35 ft., a 10.1-inch bright, high resolution screen, hot-swappable battery packs for minimum downtime and a rugged construction that can withstand 4 ft. drops onto concrete. The RT10 has vehicle docks for forklift mounting and desk docks for office use plus a full suite of accessories for multiple warehouse workflows.


‘Take control of your IoT’ at IntraLogisteX 2020

Renovotec supports the optimum enterprise-wide, life cycle management of IoT (internet of things) devices including mobile and industrial printers, in a warehouse environment that is increasingly IoT-driven. At IntraLogisteX 2020 Renovotec will be launching a new incentive: a free or discounted license for the ‘SOTI Connect’ IoT management solution with every Honeywell printer rental.