RiverRidge invests in driver safety with connected fleet management solution


Irish waste recovery specialist RiverRidge has invested in an integrated vehicle camera and telematics solution to maximise driver safety and compliance, while mitigating insurance risk on non-fault accidents.
The company, which boasts some of the highest ISO safety standards in the sector, appointed the Simplicity Group to install the WEBFLEET fleet management system from Webfleet Solutions, together with forward, side and reverse MANTIS Live cameras, across its fleet of 150 vehicles and trailers.

“We needed a fully connected vehicle camera and telematics solution that was both robust and easy to use,” explains Tony Kirkpatrick, Transport and Logistics Director, RiverRidge.

“Simplicity Group have achieved this plus integrated our tachograph, maintenance and fuel management – the result is a true fleet management solution supported by a local company.”
RiverRidge is using WEBFLEET’S OptiDrive 360 functionality to measure driver scores for safety and efficiency, while the integral Tachograph Manager remotely downloads drivers’ cards daily and automatically analyses infringements.

Remaining driving time and distance updates show RiverRidge managers how long each driver has left before they need to take a break to meet Working Time Directive rules. Drivers use an app on their mobile phone to conduct a daily digital vehicle maintenance check, which gets automatically sent to the back office via WEBFLEET to ensure compliance.
Meanwhile, integrated CANbus fuel management also allows the company to monitor fuel consumption.

Beverley Wise, Sales Director UK & Ireland, Webfleet Solutions, added: “This is a strong example of connectivity saving a customer time, money and resources. WEBFLEET provides one hub, one interface and one easy way of accessing and running multiple connected fleet solutions.”

The MANTIS Live DVR is equipped with a 4G true multi-network SIM to provide the best connectivity available, ensuring vehicle cameras can be viewed live when needed. The MANTIS evidence centre takes data from Webfleet Solutions, which has built-in crash detection, and automatically uploads footage to the cloud and the MANTIS Live Smart Phone App.

The solution is also helping to drive down insurance costs for RiverRidge as Harry Girvan, Director of MANTIS Live, explains: “All too often a large vehicle is blamed for an incident when the driver is not actually at fault – and the impact on insurance premiums can be substantial. With 24/7 MANTIS camera coverage now in place, RiverRidge and their drivers now have irrefutable evidence to safeguard them in the case of non-fault incidents.”

RiverRidge will also be using Bridgestone to monitor its fleet’s tyre pressures and make the appropriate interventions to reduce punctures, cut vehicle down time and save fuel. “Underinflated tyres have a higher rolling-resistance making them considerably less efficient,” adds Andrew Frizzell, National Fleet Executive at Bridgestone Ireland. “Maintaining the correct tyre pressure will lead to longer tyre life for both the new Duravis regional tyres on the front vehicle axle and the Bandag BDU2 retreads on the rear.”