Top 9 Angular Libraries for Web Development in 2022


Angular, also called AngularJS, is a web development framework based on JavaScript (JS). It is one of the best web frameworks used worldwide by many developers. It offers a complete package used for frontend web development and comes with rich features required for developing mobile, desktop, and web applications.

Various component libraries offer features that can help you perform repetitive jobs, and automate your tasks to save coding time.  Here are the top 9 angular libraries for web development in 2022 that you can consider for your project.

1. Angular Material

Angular material offers extensive UI components like inputs, date pickers, data tables, and cards that can be used to create consistent and beautiful user interfaces. You can use different components with styling that is compatible with specific material design. With the Angular JS widget, you can customize the appearance of various web app components to suit your needs.

Angular material comes with many sections that include navigation, form controls, buttons, data tables, building blocks, as well as popups, and modals. These features are designed to ensure web design and development are consistent, and they provide a seamless user experience across a variety of screens and operating systems such as Windows, iOS, macOS, Chrome OS, and Android. This library acts as great code for engineers since it is well-documented and clean.

Angular Material UI is popular among many developers since it offers a rich CSS library consisting of typography and other components. The directives it offers are responsive and facilitate faster and flexible development of apps. It provides a perfect grid layout for your apps.

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2. NGX-Bootstrap

NGX-bootstrap is an open-source library that offers a variety of features powered by Angular. Some of the key features of this framework include buttons, alerts, pagination, tabs, progress bar, popover, and many more. These components are convenient because they make your web development task easier. They also help you customize the entire process to suit your needs.

Additionally, this library provides interactive elements like modal dialogs, dropdown menus, and tooltips. These are designed to work well for keyboard, touchscreen, and mouse users. You can choose your preferred option when you develop a web app. Developers don’t need to use JavaScript components since they can use the drag and drop feature in the apps like CSS and Markup released by Bootstrap. The good thing about ngx bootstrap is that it is being constantly improved and there is always a new version available on the market.

3. Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is an open-source library that is primarily used for creating hybrid mobile apps. Angular JS is used for the development of HTML hybrid desktop and mobile apps. When you develop these apps, you should upload them to different platforms, and this is where the Angular file uploader comes in handy and makes the task easier. You can use the image and file Upload UI component to store your documents in the cloud. Whenever you want to retrieve these uploaded files to use in your development project, you can easily access them.

This library also offers other features you can use in your development project, like navigation bars that are meant for displaying the header and footer sections or the menu bars. A scrollable header, as well as a footer, are designed for the positioning of the footer and header. Before you upload your images, you can resize them to suit the frame of your apps.

4. React-by-frontend Developer

This frontend JavaScript library is component-based and very popular as it can be used to make HTML code work with Virtual DOM. There are many reasons to use the React development library. For instance, you can easily learn to use it without seeking help from a professional developer. It comes with simple and easy-to-follow instructions that make the entire process user-friendly.

React library consists of rich user interfaces designed to provide users with excellent results. Additionally, you can use it for faster development of your web apps, and it’s trusted by reputable companies. It is currently trending and boasts of a strong support community. If you want to try this library, you will get ready support since the library is open-source.

5. Vue.js

Vue.JS is another open-source JavaScript framework that is used to build a user interface and single-page applications. It consists of advanced features used for elements like routing, state management, and build tooling. The features also have an adaptable architecture for declarative rendering as well as component composition.

Vue was first launched in August 2021, but it has since gained widespread acceptance in different sectors. Its predecessor versions have since been upgraded, and the app is used in the development of various web apps. The main benefit of this framework is that it is easy to use and can be customized to suit your web development project.

6. Radian

Radian is a JavaScript library fronted by Angular. This straightforward open source library can be used to make embedded plots in HTML documents. Instead of creating JavaScript, you can use HTML to represent plots. It plays a pivotal role in binding the HTML elements and the attributes of the JavaScript variables. This library is mainly used on platforms that deal with Bayesian statistics.

Radian also provides technologies that help promote a two-way data binding between HTML components and JavaScript variables. Furthermore, Radian uses the D3.js library for graphic generation which helps in the development of SVG components. These components can be embedded directly on the page, which makes them accessible from any browser.

Another component of Radian is that it provides comprehensive documentation together with a liberal license that helps you get started on this particular Angular JS widget framework. Some of the features of this library include the following:

  • Easy to use data-based functional plots
  • You don’t need to write JS
  • Offers comprehensive documentation
  • For complicated actions, it can be integrated with Angular JS
  • It supports lines, points, area plots, and bar charts

This open-source library is versatile, and you can use it to accomplish different tasks related to web development projects.

7. Angular UI Grid

This framework has changed our perceptions toward web app development processes that involve huge databases. Angular UI grid provides useful features such as visualization, e2e testing, filtering grouping, user interactions, sorting, and many more. It also enables the users to use native Angular.js implementation without any need for using jQuery. The plugin allows you to utilize only the required features, which allows you to cut down on the technical components that may be used.

Additionally, you can also convert the CSS file to use its pre-configured components when customizing the appearance of your web page. When you customize your web pages, you make them appeal to the interests of many visitors. You can select the features offered by this library to make your web apps more attractive, and this will help you tailor your apps to suit the needs of users and make many more visitors return.

8. PrimeNG

The PrimeNG library plays a crucial role in promoting the development of front-end complex apps. It offers an assorted library consisting of more than 70 UI components. If you intend to work on an Angular project, this library has numerous features to offer, which include native themes as well as pre-built widgets. You will find these components useful in your web development projects, and you can select the ones that suit your needs.

Prime NG is one of the popular front-end frameworks used for web development. Therefore, it makes it easier for you to incorporate other front-end components in your project  such as charts, overlays, form inputs, menus, and others. It also provides free open-source source widgets you can use when you obtain the MIT license. More importantly, the library is easy to use, and you can customize it to suit your app.

9. Angular UI Tree

Angular UI Tree is one of the most popular Angular frameworks, commonly used for sorting nested lists. It provides drag and drop functionality in your web development and does not utilize jQuery. This allows you to make all the changes you may need in the components of the tree.

This library also uses native Angular JS scope for data binding, which helps components prevent elements like child nodes. However, this framework alone is not sufficient to perform complicated tasks. You need another AngularJS library to create a complete front-end web app.

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It’s important that you expose yourself to new and useful technology that will make running your business more efficient than it already is. Angular is a web development framework widely used across the entire world as it offers many benefits. This framework is popular because it is designed to improve performance in web design activities. Some of the benefits of using Angular include aspects like faster loading, testing of the app in real-time, two-way data binding, improved performance, and the creation of frontend websites. There are many Angular libraries for web development and with this guide, you can gain insight into some of the components to consider for your next project.