Transalis enriches EDI platform to help firms optimise Brexit opportunities


A UK tech portal that underpins the frictionless trade of goods in industries worldwide has extended its range of document categories to help customers prepare for Brexit.

Supply chain automation specialist Transalis has enhanced its electronic data interchange (EDI) platform with a new series of ‘message types’.

Based on customer feedback, these cover the most likely post-transition compliance checks that UK exporters and importers will need for customs declarations and communicating transit instructions.

Transalis joint Managing Director Aniello Sabatino said: “Once the Brexit transition period finishes at the end of December, most commentators accept that new documents will have to be issued and forwarded to couriers and supply chain partners to facilitate cross-border trade.

“In response to the nightmare vision of mountains of paperwork, we have extended the range of message protocols we already have in place for processing essential trading information such as invoices, orders and customs declaration forms, to include all foreseeable import and export customs procedures – so making for a frictionless process.

“This will help companies here in the UK and across Europe who still await any details of a UK-EU deal and in the meantime may be worried about the clock winding down on border readiness.

“If the policymakers fail to agree a deal against what is now a very challenging deadline, traders will quite reasonably worry about potential delays to the movement of goods in and out of the UK, and how that will impact supply chains.

“By Brexit-proofing our platform in advance, we are giving those manufacturers, retailers and suppliers who use our solutions the best chance of ready compliance with customs rules and required document formats as they seek to continue seamless trading of goods between the UK and EU.”

Transalis’ experience in enabling frictionless trade was recognised earlier this year with the company playing an instrumental role in adopting new European standards for public procurement and supply chain invoicing.

Portsmouth-based Transalis provides cloud-based applications in EDI to more than 10,000 manufacturers, retailers and supply chain partners across 32 countries.

Key sectors include FMCG, retail, manufacturing, food and beverage and health and beauty.

EDI has for several decades been an evolving software solution underpinning the exchange of digitised information relating to documents such as sales orders, invoices, despatch advice, workflow reports and shipping notes.

Instead of raising orders and invoices manually and sending documents by email or post that must be keyed into partners’ systems, EDI has automated the whole activity of sharing transaction data.

It has introduced universal time and cost savings, eliminating the need for paper-based processes and improving accuracy by removing the risk of human error.

Transalis’ EDI solutions currently facilitate the annual exchange of more than 40 million virtual documents, underpinning £4 billion of stock orders across the world.