WALLIX continues momentum in the healthcare sector providing improved cybersecurity & compliance


WALLIX (Euronext ALLIX), a European provider of cybersecurity software and an expert in identity and access management (IAM/PAM), has today announced its continued growth and acceleration in the healthcare market, supporting both new and existing customers to bolster cyber security during the pandemic. Furthering its commitment, WALLIX has also outlined the healthcare sector as a key focus area for its Ambtion2021 international growth plan.

With the healthcare sector a key market, WALLIX is continuing to work with partners and healthcare institutions worldwide. The company currently has over 120 customers in the healthcare space and it is continuing to grow and go from strength to strength.

Many healthcare organisations have accelerated digital transformation efforts due to the global pandemic and this coupled with growing data protection concerns and an increase in the risk of cyber-attacks is placing growing pressure on the sector. WALLIX has been working with healthcare providers throughout the pandemic to combat against this, and the company mobilised its teams around the world, based in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and North America, as well as its network of 170 integrator and reseller partners, to support its customers in case of critical needs. In addition to free WALLIX Bastion remote access licenses during the entire containment period, an emergency number and service have been established to deal with any ongoing need, as well as 24/7 support and the implementation of managed services to provide the necessary reactivity to respond as quickly as possible to customer emergencies, despite deployment constraints or lack of resources.

WALLIX has built a portfolio of innovative and easy-to-implement solutions to meet the challenges of healthcare players: strong authentication, identity federation for application access, management and security of access to IT networks and the cloud, password vaulting, protection of user workstations and industrial equipment. The objective is to enable healthcare organisations to regain control over digital access and passwords, regardless of the context and location of the equipment or data in question.

“With WALLIX Bastion we can automatically track and audit what external service providers and privileged accounts are doing on IT systems. When a staff member leaves the hospital, we can immediately block all administrative access for them, which means a considerable gain in security and a significant simplification of administration for us. In the event of a security incident, we can react more efficiently, more quickly, and more appropriately.” explains Ulrich Lickert, Head of Systems Engineering Department at Freiburg University Hospital.

Jean-Noel de Galzain, CEO of WALLIX, explains: “Since 2008, we have been working alongside healthcare institutions, health insurance, and IT service providers to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies in France, the UK, Germany and now worldwide. We offer easy-to-implement cybersecurity solutions that make access to IT systems more agile, more mobile, and more secure, in compliance with IT regulations (GDPR, PCI-DSS, HDS, OSE/OIV, Kritis…); which is essential in these times when organisations are under great pressure due to health emergencies. WALLIX has adapted its solutions suite to the cybersecurity needs of healthcare professionals and their suppliers: authenticating users, managing remote or internal access to avoid breakdowns or data leaks, protecting passwords, servers, computer workstations or industrial equipment from massive or targeted attacks. Indeed, there is no need to add a digital pandemic to that of COVID19. There is an urgent need to help and support the healthcare sector to equip itself against cyber risk, which we undertook very early on. In this context, WALLIX reinforces its strategic positioning in this sensitive sector.”