Vantiva Quickly Onboards New Customers & Improves Throughput with Softeon’s Composable WMS


Vantiva (Euronext Paris: VANTI), a global supply chain leader that helps clients solve complex, end-to-end logistics challenges, chose Softeon, the only tier-1 warehouse management system (WMS) provider focused on optimizing warehouse and fulfillment performance to increase operational efficiency, resulting in faster new customer onboarding and fulfillment times.

For over 100 years, Vantiva, formerly Technicolor, has been the film and entertainment leader. Now with decades of experience leading the supply chain industry in high-precision manufacturing, logistics, fulfillment and distribution for game publishers, music labels, software developers, and book publishers, Vantiva’s service expansion to include many more markets and customers required a platform that could meet increasing consumer demand.

“As we diversified our service model, now working with companies that need direct-to-consumer fulfillment, Vantiva needed a WMS with more flexibility to do more than fulfill huge business-to-business orders for retail, for example,” said Fred Holmes, Director of Information Technology, Vantiva. “What we found was that the tools that we built into our legacy systems did not really line up with the tools needed to complete high-volume, smaller orders versus one order with a huge volume. It’s different processes on the floor. It’s totally different.”

Needing faster onboarding of new customers and fulfillment capabilities for business-to-business (B2B) and direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels, Vantiva turned to Softeon for a more flexible, composable, scalable, and efficient WMS to fulfill sales orders for so many new clients. Unlike legacy systems Vantiva previously leveraged to fulfill orders for most of its customers, Softeon’s WMS enhanced operational efficiency, expanded integration capabilities, provided real-time visibility data insights, and improved inventory accuracy.

“I don’t think we would have been as successful with getting our customers on the system if we went with a different provider,” said Holmes.

From start to finish the WMS deployment time was three months or less, including Vantiva’s initial user acceptance testing (UAT) and then the UATs for each of Vantiva’s clients transitioning to Softeon’s platform.

“Softeon is honored to provide limitless warehouse management solutions and around-the-clock customer support for Vantiva and other customers with highly automated warehouses globally,” said Jim Hoefflin, CEO of Softeon. “The service we’ve been able to provide for Vantiva since 2019 is an example of Softeon’s  commitment to delivering limitless customer-centric solutions that propel businesses as their warehousing and fulfillment needs diversify and become more complex.”

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