VIPRE Announces the Launch of Its Managed Detection & Response Solution for Endpoint Security


VIPRE Security Group, a leading provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions, announces the launch of its latest security innovation: Managed Detection & Response (MDR). As VIPRE’s latest offering, the MDR solution efficiently and accurately addresses the escalating challenges businesses and organisations face in combating cyber threats and bolstering their endpoint security efforts

As cyber threats escalate, businesses of all sizes continue to transition from traditional next-generation antivirus (NGAV) to Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) systems as they seek greater agility in responding to potential threats and fulfilling cyber-insurance requirements. While EDR solutions provide superior threat reporting and enable swift containment and remediation, they also pose additional challenges. Some of these challenges include reliance on manual research for “grey area” threats and the overwhelming alerts generated by multiple security tools. These factors can burden already stretched-thin IT teams, potentially creating more problems than solutions.

To mitigate these specific challenges and help organisations strengthen their security posture, VIPRE introduces VIPRE Endpoint MDR. VIPRE’s MDR helps organisations specifically focus on investigating, containing, and remediating security incidents swiftly and effectively.

VIPRE Endpoint MDR, a specialised overlay for VIPRE Endpoint Detection & Response, offers round-the-clock monitoring and incident coverage. A team of seasoned security experts with over 260 years of combined experience monitor the console to respond promptly to new incidents, triage, investigate, and support containment and remediation of valid threats with rapid turnaround times.

Critical Benefits of VIPRE Endpoint MDR Include:

  • Comprehensive Incident Coverage: VIPRE Endpoint MDR ensures that no threat incident raised by VIPRE EDR goes unnoticed, allowing for timely action and response.
  • Rapid Containment: Through quick containment of potentially-compromised endpoints, VIPRE Endpoint MDR helps prevent the spread of attacks
  • Reduced Dwell Time: By swiftly responding to threats, VIPRE Endpoint MDR minimises the time threats persist in the environment, thus reducing potential damage and information theft
  • Expert Security Guidance: VIPRE’s team of security experts can offer invaluable guidance during the cleanup, ensuring that incidents are dealt with swiftly and correctly
  • Optimised Employee Time: VIPRE Endpoint MDR reduces the drain on employee time by handling incident response, enabling them to focus on other critical projects
  • Enhanced Security Posture: IT security expert guidance on environment hardening raises the overall security posture of the organisation

In addition to the above benefits, VIPRE Endpoint MDR takes security to the next level by offering a proactive incident response, including forensic analysis, containment, and remediation conducted by the VIPRE team leveraging advanced technologies, such as Remote Shell.

Additionally, detected artifacts undergo a thorough analysis in sandbox environments to extract additional Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) for further investigation and to support additional hardening.

“At VIPRE, our mission is to empower organisations with the most robust and efficient cybersecurity solutions, and with the launch of VIPRE Endpoint MDR, we continue our commitment to providing our customers with the solutions they need to detect, respond, and mitigate threats effectively, regardless of their size or expertise,” said David Corlette, VP Product Management, at VIPRE Security Group.

VIPRE Security Group offers VIPRE Endpoint MDR in two tiers, catering to differing business needs:

VIPRE Endpoint MDR: Provides complete coverage for incident monitoring and investigation, detailed analytics, and recommendations for internal teams to perform remediation. Containment is also available, enabling network isolation of affected endpoints to prevent further spread.

VIPRE Endpoint MDR Premium: Offers everything within VIPRE Endpoint MDR and adds proactive incident response, including forensic analysis, containment, and remediation performed by the VIPRE team leveraging advanced technologies like Remote Shell. Thorough artifact analysis in sandbox environments extracts additional IoCs for further investigation and support for additional hardening.

By embracing VIPRE Endpoint MDR, organisations of all sizes can fortify their security posture, enhance response capabilities, and gain peace of mind, knowing that industry-leading experts will protect their endpoints.

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