Webfleet introduces PRO M, a compact driver terminal offering professional navigation & workflow management


Webfleet, Bridgestone’s globally trusted fleet management solution, is introducing the PRO M, its new compact PRO driver terminal.

The rugged and secure multitasker for fleets is equipped with advanced technologies to help drivers and fleet managers increase their workflow efficiency and productivity.

The device comes with Work App, TomTom GO Fleet and Vehicle Check pre-installed. Webfleet’s order management platform, meanwhile, is fully integrated with the PRO M, providing a complete end-to-end solution for all fleets, especially those involved in activities such as delivery, maintenance, installation and repair.

In combination with Webfleet’s award-winning fleet management software, the PRO M connects drivers and businesses. It brings together a range of essential features in one device, including order management, two-way communication between drivers and fleet managers, OptiDrive 360, which empowers drivers to improve driving performance, and automatic recording of working time and mileage registration, which aids compliance with legislation and policy.

With its compact size, superior ruggedness and best-in-class navigation, the PRO M assists the professional driver for both in-vehicle and outdoor usage, including in harsh conditions.

Ideal for dashboards in vans and small vehicles, it is a long-lasting and future-proof device supporting Android 11, as well as future upgrades up to Android 14.

It is also ready out of the box, with the user only having to equip it with a SIM purchased from a separate vendor of their choice. Like a handheld computer, it has been designed to take on any task, and like a smartphone, it is built for ease and accessibility.  

“Supporting drivers has always been an important element of our solutions,” said Taco van der Leij, VP Webfleet Europe.

“With the new PRO M, we have further innovated our portfolio of PRO driver terminals. If you are involved in last mile delivery, for example, the PRO M is ideal for enhancing your service and boosting productivity.”

The PRO M Driver Terminal at-a-glance:

  • 5.5” IPS screen and superior protection against drops, temperature, water and dust with PRO buttons for quick access to key driver apps
  • Full connectivity, including LTE (SIM required) to be used as work phone, Android 11 with Google Services and Enterprise support
  • Work App, TomTom GO Fleet, Vehicle Check pre-installed
  • A longer lasting removable battery than consumer phones
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon (Octa-Core) CPU for faster performance

The PRO M will be on display at IAA, which takes place in Hannover from 20-25 September, and will be available to purchase in Europe from the end of October.