Z-CERT and EclecticIQ Cooperate to Bring Benefits of CTI to Dutch Healthcare Sector


EclecticIQ, the global provider of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) technology solutions and the operator of Fusion Center, and Z-CERT, the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) developed specifically for institutions in the Dutch healthcare sector, today announced a partnership to jointly boost threat intelligence information sharing among healthcare organisations. Together, they will support healthcare institutions in the Netherlands and improve intelligence sharing with other national and international CERTs.

Z-CERT, founded in 2017 by a group of Dutch hospitals, is rapidly ramping up its CTI capabilities, and recently found a partner to help accelerate this process in the shape of EclecticIQ. The organisation closely collaborates with other national and international CERTs, such as the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) and the Information Security Service (ISS) for the municipalities, on a daily basis. COVID-19-related developments have accelerated Z-CERT’s plans to implement CTI resources.

At the core of this cooperation is EclecticIQ’s Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP), which acts as the workbench for the organisation’s analyst team. In addition to the TIP, EclecticIQ is providing free analyst support to help Z-CERT’s analysts build out their CTI capabilities and familiarise the team with the EclecticIQ Platform, its features and typical automation processes, as well as implementing general analyst workflows.

“The EclecticIQ Platform will help us improve the speed of our analysis and correlation capabilities and share CTI to our constituents,” said Wim Hafkamp, Managing Director at Z-CERT. “We are looking forward to our collaboration and to the security benefits that threat-intelligence sharing will bring to the healthcare sector.”

“This initiative began as a reaction to the COVID-19 crisis and EIQ wanting to offer its help to the healthcare sector,” said Karen Sundermann, VP of Government at EclecticIQ. “We believe that with the proposal we presented to Z-CERT, we can assist the organisation with bringing critical threat information to hospitals in the Netherlands faster – thereby helping to protect the healthcare sector in general and patients in particular.”

Z-CERT currently supports around 100 members. Currently, all hospitals (ranging from academic UMCs, and top clinical STZs to general hospitals) are collaborating with Z-CERT. This year, Z-CERT’s services will expand to mental healthcare institutions (GGZ).

As a reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, EclecticIQ has been making COVID-19-related threat data publicly available, which is published here weekly.