Benefits of Buying a Commercial Roof Safety Railing for Your Commercial Construction


Building contractors should be well aware that the most significant cause of workplace fatalities is falling from heights. As per recent statistics, 47% of the total fatalities recorded in 2019 were due to falling from height.

OSHA construction standards require building contractors to have accident prevention programs and apparatus as safety regulations. As per OSHA, around 6.5 million people work at 252,000 construction sites on any given day. Hence, building contractors need to buy a commercial roof safety railing for their construction sites.

Here are some benefits of purchasing a commercial roof safety railing for your commercial construction.

 They Protect Your Workers

The construction industry is dependent on the workforce. Any construction company or building contractor knows they can’t do certain things without workers.  The roofs at the construction sites are not the safest places to walk, and workers need to take additional precautions when working on these platforms. There is always a hidden risk of falling off the roof, tripping over a cable, falling through weak points, and more when working on heights.

Accidents do happen, and the probability of accidents increases when proper measures are not in place. For example, building contractors need to buy a commercial roof safety railing and install them to prevent accidents and protect their workers. When the authorities conduct a safety audit of the construction site, they will consider the safety measures taken by the contractor to protect workers and mention them in their report.


Improves Worker Efficiency

Everyone fears for their life. When workers are working at heights on platforms, they are more likely to worry about their work efficiency. In the absence of roof safety railing, they will have less freedom and flexibility to move around the job site unrestricted. The presence of roof safety railing will eliminate their fear, and they will work with more confidence and speed on construction projects.


Non-Penetrating and Flexible Installation

The roof safety railing system is non-penetrating. So, you can only tighten its clamps around a slab roof or a parapet wall. There is no requirement at all to drill into the new roof substrate. Moreover, installing a roof safety railing system does not affect the integrity of the underlying structure. There is also no need to seal any holes after the railing system is removed and installed elsewhere on the construction site.

Some platforms at construction sites do not offer clamping options. In that scenario, the clamps can be bolted directly to the roof to provide stability to the railing system and adequate protection to the construction workers.


Clean, Professional Appearance

When the construction work is in full swing, it is normal to have a visitor at the site. Employees, customers, stakeholders who have invested in the project are more likely to visit the site to inspect the ongoing work. The roof safety railing maintains a professional appearance of the building exterior.

The steel rails and clamps create clean building sightlines. The railings have yellow protective paint around the zinc-plated clamps and handrails against harshest weather conditions. As a result, they remain rust-free and look good for longer without any maintenance. You can also drape the guard rail with protective construction fencing that will prevent material from falling off the floor to surrounding grounds.

So, these are some benefits of buying a commercial roof safety railing for your commercial construction.