Corteva Agriscience chooses Zetes to ensure traceability of its Crop Protection Products


Corteva Agriscience, leader in the seed and crop protection market, announces the deployment of ZetesAtlas industrial identification solution, to ensure full traceability of its products, containers, packaging and pallets. Corteva thus aims to certify to its customers, producers and farmers, the origin and follow-up of all its references.

Already implemented on several Corteva production lines in France, UK and Italy, ZetesAtlas solution should soon equip several new lines. By extending this traceability throughout the company in Europe, Corteva will be able to serialize and aggregate all its products. It is also intended to prepare Corteva to implement any new norms on serialization in crop protection.

ZetesAtlas ensures the traceability of Corteva products sold in France and Europe by individually tracking their progress throughout the supply chain. Based on the Datamatrix code for the unit identification of plant protection products established by the CRISTAL traceability standard (Communication of Reliable Information Systems to Agriculture and Logistics), it was set up by the agrochemical industry to protect products and promote trade while limiting counterfeiting.

Directly connected to Corteva’s information systems, ZetesAtlas provides close monitoring from the primary packaging to the pallet, ensuring the reliability of published data and a flexible system adapted to Corteva’s needs. ZetesAtlas can also be connected to the ZetesOlympus solution for a secure sharing of data on the Cloud.

“The width of our offer in terms of products, packaging, volumes and formats entails strong flexibility constraints that require a complex traceability process to be set up. Fully scalable and complementary, Zetes system meets our future needs and developments. It comes with a “ready-to-use” service, from design to commissioning, ensuring an impact-free implementation for operations” says Laurent Sebire, Head of Global Packaging Discipline Technology Lead at Corteva Agriscience France.

“We are delighted that Corteva has chosen us as its partner to support them in this major project. Traceability standards are becoming increasingly stringent in order to guarantee the authenticity of any product and they are destined to evolve in line with the needs of the industry, the authorities and, above all, the end consumers. This is why we, at Zetes, strive to create the most agile solutions possible, so that companies like Corteva are always at the forefront and armed to face these changes” concludes Guillaume Vicot, Country Manager of Zetes France.