Domino’s new print & apply labellers automate traceability coding for enhanced supply chain visibility


With the global logistics labels market poised for significant growth in the coming years, Domino Printing Sciences (Domino) is pleased to announce the launch of its new Mx-Series print and apply labelling machines. The growing need for traceability within global supply chains is fuelling demand for reliable product labelling solutions that promote quick and accurate data sharing. Recognising this need, Domino developed the Mx-Series for fully integrated, automated, GS1-compliant coding of products and pallets.

Feedback from extended customer testing, which took place at sites across Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands, highlighted two key benefits that specifically resonated with Domino’s test customers: the printer’s high-speed variable data printing capabilities, up to ten times faster than previous generation print and apply labellers, and enhanced connectivity options to facilitate data sharing.

Designed and manufactured to European Standards, Domino’s Mx-Series printers offer market-leading build quality and reliability, alongside variable data capabilities, and Industry-4.0 connectivity, for data collection and sharing across supply chains. Advanced connectivity and configuration options include machine vision for automated code inspection and validation; and coding automation for enhanced data sharing, including integration into factory MES and ERP systems.

“Reliable, consistent, and accurate product labelling is crucial for the global logistics sector,” says Jan Lindgren, Customer Operations and Site Director at Domino. “Our Industry-4.0 ready Mx-Series print and apply labellers have been created in recognition of this need – providing fully-variable data coding, with labels printed to exact customer specifications, and connectivity options to enable seamless sharing with supply chain partners.”

As all production lines are unique, printers in the Mx-Series range have been developed to suit a range of different production environments, and with a smaller overall footprint compared with previous print and apply labellers for easy integration. Printers are available as both left- and right-hand options, with options for 4” and 6” printheads, and both tamp and swing applicators, with variants providing different running modes to suit different production applications. The company is expected to announce more customisable features, including additional applicator types and further connectivity options, in the coming months.

“The Mx-Series platform builds on our global reputation for excellence – with the quality standards our customers have come to expect from Domino – while delivering a whole new range of capabilities to satisfy new market demands,” says Sharmil Ghouse, Global Head of TTO and P&A at Domino. “We are very pleased to be able to offer this state-of-the-art solution to our existing customers, and any business looking to embrace automation, integration, and increased traceability.”

To find out more about the Mx-Series, please visit the website.