How Generative AI technology is being used by business to maintain a competitive edge


We are living at a time when innovation and smart technologies are becoming common place in our day-to-day lives. The onus is on companies to embrace intelligent technology fast, in order to meet the demand for higher levels of efficiencies and even better experiences for their customers. That demand has enterprises pursuing the promise of digital and increasingly turning their heads when it comes to the growing discussion of Generative AI.

ChatGPT has caused an understandable stir. We have been predicting for a long time that the role of AI will become mainstream within business, offering solutions that can help to problem solve and create new opportunities within industries. What is key, as AI becomes more pervasive, is that AI solutions address trust, risk, ethics, security and transparency. It will take human skill and leadership to achieve that balance of both beneficial and responsible application of AI.

Ultimately, what we are seeing is that those organisations that are data driven and really infuse AI into their operations and who are exploring the very latest and best emerging technologies in this space & those organisations that modernise their data management architectures, will be the ones who will be well positioned to navigate the current competitive landscape and who will continually embrace and adopt AI and other emerging technologies to maintain a competitive edge.