How to Find the Top Trending Niches for Your Ecommerce Website in 2020


Want to build a successful e-commerce website in 2020? Then finding the right niche helps. This is because several other e-commerce businesses out there offer a similar product or service to yours. By focusing on a specific trending niche, you are better positioned to provide a unique product or service.

The niche market is one that is specialized and focuses on an aspect of a product or service. For example, let’s say you sell smartphone cases. Several other e-commerce platforms sell smartphone cases. But if you narrow it down to naruto phone cases, you build a niche market around naruto fans. While the niche might have fewer customers, it allows you to focus precisely on your target market.

So how do you find which niches are trending? How popular are they, and for how long will they trend? Let’s keep reading and see how to identify the top trending niches for your e-commerce website in 2020. We will also consider what to look for in a niche and some current trending products.


Ride on the Latest Social Media Trends

Over 45% of the world’s population uses social media. Therefore, it has become a credible platform to check for trending products. Here is how you can freely look for niches that are trending on social media:

  • Click the Twitter search icon to see trending topics based on different locations.

  • Use hashtag search websites to see the most popular hashtags on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

  • Makes use of the explore page on platforms like Instagram.


By interacting with your followers and looking up influencer accounts, you get a feel of what people are talking about. When a specific topic pops up repeatedly in your feeds, then you know you might be on to a trending niche.


Research Popular Online Marketplaces

Besides knowing if consumers are searching for a niche, you also want to see if they’re buying the trending products in that niche. To get this information, you can search on e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. For instance, Amazon provides AMZScout services, which analyses products on Amazon. The tools on AMZScout give you an insight into average monthly sales and sales trends from the previous year. When researching, you should look out for both consistent sales throughout the year. Also, keep an eye on the upward trajectory, which indicates an increase in popularity.

These popular online marketplaces contain a significant amount of data on products popular among both shoppers and sellers. Thus, on the sellers’ pages, you can identify your niche. You can find a list of products most popular with shoppers and real-time insight on what’s trending on the seller’s page. You can check out the number of sellers, reviews, questions, and stock to gather more data.


Use Google Trends

The Google Trends tool is an excellent place to start looking for your top trending niches. It’s a free tool that enables you to see the popularity of a topic at that moment. You can easily decipher the niches that are trending and those that are not trending. A graph pops up to indicate the level of popularity of the niche over a selected period. Look out for those that appear to trend upwards throughout the year.

Please make a list of every niche you’re interested in and then enter them into the Google Trends search bar. It has options for you to select a location, and the results show you the area where your niche trends most. There’ s likewise a feature that lets you monitor your competitors’ position on a trending product. Knowing these trends help make your online business ideas more successful.


Carry out Keyword Research

There are several keyword research tools in the market. These tools can give you valuable data on the level of competition for individual keywords. After using the trend search methods mentioned above, you can run them through a keyword search tool to see how saturated the market is. For example, a tool like Google Ads contains a handy keyword planner for identifying advert costs and competition for any niche product.

The results from your search draw up information on the number of monthly searches the search tool receives. Focus on the keywords that have lower competition and higher search levels. An ideal amount can be over 1000 monthly searches. Trending terms that generate a few hundred searches can also be profitable for your e-commerce business ideas.


What to Look For In a Niche

When you have selected your niches, you must weigh them against these important factors if you want to have a successful e-commerce website:

Competition: find a market that is a little less crowded. It gives your brand a higher chance of getting top search results and converting customers.

Demand: if you want a successful niche, then customer demand must be present. Customer demand can be tested by conducting market research or selling samples of your new products.

Profit: the niche must have profit-making potential. Thus, your e-commerce ideas should be cost-effective and attract a profit-making price.

Examples of Ecommerce Niches and Trending Products of 2020

Here are some search trends you may find when looking for niches for your e-commerce site for 2020.

Minimalist Products: consumers are more focused on primary and efficient products as opposed to luxury items. Architecture, interior decor, clothing, jewelry, gadgets, etc., are a few of the sectors witnessing the minimalist trend. People want things that are simple and functional.

Eco-friendly Products: due to the debate on climate change, more brands are focused on reusable packaging, electric cars, and quickly compostable items like bamboo toothbrushes. The beauty and cosmetics industry has also seen a rise in this. More consumers are demanding more natural and organic products with fewer chemicals.

Pre-planned Meals and Ingredients: more people are getting conscious about living and eating healthy. Thus, a market for nutritional meal plan services is emerging in 2020. It is an excellent niche that breaks into different markets like keto supplements, nutritionists, organic food produce, or specialization in cuisine types.

POD Clothing and Apparel: the clothing market is already saturated. With the help of technology, the Print on Demand (POD) niche is on the rise.POD clothing and apparel enables you to target fashion trends as they arise. Likewise, there are unique niche markets like vintages shirt, tribal or animal prints, ironic T-shirts, etc.

Smartphone Accessories: there are about 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world. The number is enough to support a smaller niche market like smartphone accessories. And these accessories can be further broken into more niches. For example, phone cases, tempered glass screen protection, wireless charging, etc. these niches can provide you with multiple online business ideas.



Finding the perfect niche market is a vital aspect of having a successful e-commerce website in 2020. As an online retailer, you want to find a profitable niche. So it helps to make use of online market platforms, social platforms, and other relevant tools to see the trends in buyer interests. Try not to jump on a trending niche until you have carried out proper research and gotten market insights.

Once you are sure of your trending niche, do not take too long to jump on the trend. Or else the market can quickly get saturated if you wait too long. When you get in at the right time, your brand becomes an established niche leader.


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