Renovotec measures the benefits of its new Customer Experience (CX) Centre


As it moves towards the opening of its Customer Experience (CX) Centre later this year, leading supply chain technology company Renovotec is focusing on the user benefits that membership of its new Centre will deliver. By using the free resources of the Customer Experience Centre including Renovotec’s specialist supply chain consulting services, members can reduce warehouse staffing levels by 30% and increase picking speed and accuracy by 35% according to Renovotec, while overall company warehouse performance can be improved by a third.

In a related move Renovotec is launching a Supply Chain Technology Special Interest Group (SIG) whose members will meet at the new CX Centre. Regular surveys of SIG members on supply chain technology issues will be conducted, with the results shared amongst Group members and other visitors to the Centre.

“Our objective is to provide a supportive environment in which supply chain and other companies can learn from each other, sharing technology problems and solutions for their business” says Renovotec CEO Richard Gilliard [pictured].

Companies wanting to visit and benefit from the free resources of the Renovotec Customer Experience Centre can apply online now at or by calling +44(0) 1924 600 480.

The dedicated Renovotec Customer Experience Centre can accommodate up to 50 visitors. It blends visitor supply chain technology immersion and interaction with free on-the-spot business advice from Renovotec consultants – the first mix of its kind in the industry says Renovotec.

The Centre will draw on Renovotec’s relationships with major technology providers for manufacturing, warehousing, transport, logistics, retail and other markets, and includes carefully curated workflows. Customer experiences on offer include robotics, scanners, computers, wearables and networking, plus the latest solutions from major vendors, developers and digital disruptors.