SYSPRO rated highly among the top 10 manufacturing ERP systems by US technology consultant


Panorama Consulting has crowned SYSPRO ERP a leading ERP provider in its coveted annual ranking. The US technology consultancy has published its 2019 Top 10 Manufacturing ERP System Report featuring SYSPRO as a top Tier-Two ERP provider. The report highlights the value of SYSPRO solutions in driving manufacturing performance through flexibility, digital innovation and ease of use. Coinciding with SYSPRO’s 40th anniversary and launch of its latest release, SYSPRO 8, the validation stands the business in good stead for its next stage of growth.

The US digital transformation and ERP consulting firm evaluated ERP software based on how it best suited the needs of manufacturers. In rating different ERP systems by the strength of their manufacturing functionality and amount of R&D investment, the report picked out SYSPRO as one of the top 10 Tier-Two suppliers (systems designed for organisations with turnover between $10m and $750m).

The rating was produced through analysis of past client experience, vendor responses and data from reliable industry sources. Panorama highlighted a number of strengths within the SYSPRO offering, including a go-to-market focus on 12 sub-verticals to deliver core industry functionality. It commended SYSPRO, which in the US alone accounts for over 60 million in global sales, for giving manufacturers options on how to access (mobile, cloud, rich-client, web) and leverage (artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things and bots) digital connections.

In addition, the report outlines how SYSPRO provides a single ERP product that has the ability to support process, discrete and mixed-mode manufacturing. It goes on to outline how SYSPRO includes a machine learning designer allowing non-technical users to easily design their own AI models, whilst offering a configurable toolkit for the easy creation of business processes using AI/ML, IoT, bots, and social ERP.

The report goes on to emphasise the value of ERP vendors who respond to the evolving needs of manufacturers. Building capabilities such as IoT, AI, machine learning, big data and blockchain directly into products helps manufacturers gain a competitive edge by becoming fully digitised and integrating their supply chains.

Nick McGrane, Managing Director, K3 Syspro, said: “We are delighted with SYSPRO’s rating in the report and the recognition it gives to the value we bring to our manufacturing customers. Our portfolio of software solutions equips customers with infinite possibilities required to embrace the digital age and access all key business data at the touch of a button.”

He added: “Data is king and only by being able to access, analyse and distribute information can manufacturers make informed strategic decisions. The latest product release, SYSPRO 8, takes these ERP capabilities to another level and we look forward to working with customers to reap the benefits of the very latest digital innovation.”

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