Unlocking Critical Logistics amidst the Pandemic


Webinar description 

25th November 2020  –  12.00 hours GMT

In the current COVID crisis, leading organizations are starting to pivot and shift from response to recovery. Real-time visibility has become a game changer for the complex supply chains however, the enterprises continue to lack true end-end supply chain visibility. In order to deal with disruptions and lack of information it has become evident that end-end visibility and digitalization are crucial.
According to a study conducted by shipping and freight resources, about 60% of supply chain executives said that operations were significantly hampered due to the damage caused to the global supply chain during the COVID crisis.

While the need for better supply chain visibility has been around for as long as there have been supply chains, the technological innovation that could serve as the enabler of this supply chain evolution was missing. Thankfully, by the ever-increasing availability of IoT technologies, supply chain visibility can already be achieved today. We are collaborating with Roambee to bring you a Futurecast on ‘how to unlock critical logistics at scale with visibility amidst the pandemic’.

In this Futurecast our experts will walk you through how to stay in control of goods and assets with purposefully built sensor hardware, cloud data analytics, and automation – for reliable monitoring and response – indoors, outdoors, and in-transit thereby bringing end to end visibility to your supply chain and logistics challenges.

This Futurecast will bring together over 200 key supply chain and logistics decision makers from leading F&B, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals manufacturers to discuss how IOT based goods and asset monitoring improves real time tracking and in-transit visibility. Come join us.