US companies have bought more British companies in the last 8 months than the last 5 years


The BBC revealed today that more UK companies have been bought by US corporations in the last eight months of 2021 than in the previous five years altogether.

As US businesses rush to consolidate the market following the pandemic, the integration challenges of such widespread corporate restructuring will be monumental. Success will hinge on the ability to quickly and efficiently harmonise data  between organisations.

Mike Kiersey, CTO of data integration leaders, Boomi made the following comment:

“In order for these newly merged entities to succeed, business integration must be swift and broken down into manageable pieces, including seamless application and data integration for all services. 

As a result, data points become more accessible and transparent, unified by a master data management system capable of crossing departmental and geographic boundaries in an agile yet controlled manner. 

At the heart of any M&A success is a strategy capable of making data accessible and ensuring proper governance. For a merger to be truly effective, both sides must be able to access raw data from a single platform, from which the company may determine which innovation strategy to pursue for customers, partners, and employees moving ahead.”