Webfleet extends OEM.connect programme to support electric vehicles


Webfleet, Bridgestone’s globally trusted fleet management solution, is extending its OEM.connect programme to support electric vehicles (EVs).

The first step in this expansion sees an evolution in the collaboration between Webfleet and Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services. Fleet managers with Mercedes-Benz electric cars and vans can now access data vital to running an electric fleet, with no need to install additional hardware.

The OEM.connect programme already makes it easier for businesses to leverage an extensive range of telematics data insights that help them reduce costs, encourage safer, more sustainable driving and maximise fleet performance.

Now, businesses with mixed or electric fleets can also access additional data insights on charging time, driving range, current battery status, energy consumption and more by simply entering the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

These data insights empower fleet managers to confidently select which vehicle in their fleet is best suited for each job, plan their routes, check battery status and manage their charging options.

While planning a daily schedule, for example, the fleet manager can consider not only the amount of energy the vehicle consumes but also the battery capacity and the impact of driving behaviour on range. Businesses have a complete overview with which to take action to maximise the sustainability and efficiency of their operation, while assuring data privacy. With data protection and security as a priority, fleet operators remain in full control of their own data.

“Businesses across the world use Webfleet to help improve fleet efficiency, support drivers, boost safety, stay compliant and work more sustainably,” said Paul Verheijen, Vice President of Product Strategy and Partnerships, Bridgestone Mobility Solutions.

“In the past year, Webfleet has seen significant growth in the number of EVs in our installed base. So, more business owners and fleet managers are embracing the major opportunity EVs offer.

“Together with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services, we are creating new value for these businesses, highlighting the importance of telematics data to making an effective transition to electric mobility and running a productive electric fleet.”

OEM.connect for electric vehicles is available for all electric Mercedes-Benz cars and vans in all European countries where Webfleet is present. Webfleet intends to expand the programme to include EVs from more manufacturers in the near future.